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The Most Innovative Things Happening with Supply Chain Logistics

Supply chain logistics stand out as an essential piece of your manufacturing enterprise. It represents an efficient and profitable way to transport goods, services, and information from the initiation point to the destination. Bossard has been at the forefront of innovating this critical component with smart factory solutions.

Getting Smart

To make your factory smarter in the 21st century, Bossard created ARIMS, a platform that gives you full control of your visible supply chain. It enables you to monitor inventory, orders, supply, and demand through intelligent analytics, making your B- and C-part management fully transparent.

The following ARIMS functions improve the efficiency, predictability, and ultimately, profitability, of your supply chain.

  • ARIMS Analytics exposes your items, orders, locations, and deliveries to reports, graphs, and tables that can be exported into everything from other software to word processing applications. You can now access real-time data to make decisions about your manufacturing.
  • ARIMS Interactive helps you manage your assembly changes by requesting changes and looking at the status of open and past change requests. You can adjust system parameters to fit how you do business.
  • ARIMS Mobile puts all the ARIMS functions into an app that you download to your Android or iOS device. You’re no longer tied to one location but can find items, check orders, and view information from wherever you are, even if you’re on the production floor.

The Systems

The physical side of Smart Factory Logistics comes together in the following cloud-based solutions of the industrial internet of things.

  • SmartBin Cloud measures the stock that the SmartBin contains in real-time using the vibrations of the bin when someone removes an item. When the stock drops to a minimum level, a replenishment order goes via SmartBin Cloud to Bossard. Relevant information, such as stock level, order status, and delivery date appears on the bin label.
  • SmartLabel Cloud includes a SmartLabel that attaches to your existing containers and contains the same information as the SmartBin label: stock level, order status, and delivery date. Users can push the label button to replenish stock. The order is sent via SmartLabel Cloud to Bossard.

At Bossard, we then consolidate all your ordered items into one shipment for efficiency and economy before sending it to you. Depending on our agreement, we can deliver the order either to the dock or point of use, such as a specific shelf in your warehouse.


These Bossard innovations offer your facility the following advantages:

  • Full transparency with the information you need appearing on the label at the point of use and in the ARIMS platform.
  • You can now meaningfully analyze big data to improve predictability and efficiency.
  • The system integrates all suppliers to streamline the supplier base.
  • It also coordinates the flow of materials and information.

If you want to know more about how our innovations can improve the logistics of your supply chain, please contact your local Bossard agent.









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October 29, 2021

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