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Why You Should Select a Fastener Distributor Carefully

Fastener stores and distributors are everywhere so it should be simple to pick out a fastener for a specific job or assembly, right?

Many large retail chains and small distributors purchase fasteners with the sole purpose of getting the right diameter and length. These companies do not inspect these orders for compliance, nor do they verify that the supplier or manufacturer is meeting any specific standard.

Most likely these companies do not even know about or understand the requirements for fasteners. There are many standards institutes and organizations worldwide, such as ISO, ANSI, ASME, DIN and JIS. Every country will have their own standard system that covers fasteners, methods for testing fasteners, or both. These standards specify requirements for dimensions, thread size (major diameter, minor diameter and pitch), as well as the mechanical requirements, such as hardness and tensile strength.

These requirements are to be inspected and tested by the manufacturer. How do you know that the suppliers follow these guidelines or that the fasteners they supply meet these requirements?

Contact us through and see what steps we take to ensure we provide quality fasteners from proven manufacturers.


Jon Rathe

January 26, 2018
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Comparison of Bossard Smart Factory Logistics Systems

Comparison of Bossard Smart Factory Logistics Systems

Looking for a leaner and better process? Take a deeper look at Smart Factory Logistics from Bossard. Below, we break down some of our parts and services so you can decide what will be the most helpful for you and your business.

The idea behind the SmartBin part of Smart Factory Logistics is that we measure the amount of goods that you have to maximize ordering efficiency. You will be supplied with the correct amount of materials at the correct time. There are three different SmartBin options, so you can choose the ones that truly fit with your operation.

SmartBin Flex

This type of SmartBin is our most flexible option. The SmartBin Flex can be placed anywhere and it doesn’t even need a power connection. The Flex option transmits signals wirelessly for ultimate flexibility.

SmartBin Mobile

This SmartBin option will give you a mobile trolley equipped with SmartBin, making it the perfect option for changing work environments. The mobile trolleys have battery powered wireless communication.

SmartBin Classic

This option is the traditional SmartBin. It is perfect for non-mobile pools of your equipment. SmartBin can manage your parts whether they are a few grams per bin or 1,000 kg per pallet.

SmartLabel is an option for you if you cannot change or completely convert your existing system.


The SmartLabel can be added to any standard bin you may have, so it doesn’t require you to change anything about the way your factory currently runs. The idea behind SmartLabel is that it will be an easy way for you to reorder products because the label has all the information to help you order parts without confusion.

SmartCard is a flexible system for assembly line delivery. Check out the specifics below.


Similar to the SmartLabel, this technology is another that can be very easily implemented into what you do now. When an item is out of stock, you take the RFID card associated with it and you put the card into the electronic mailbox. Then with SmartCard, Bossard will replenish your product for you. This is slightly different from SmartLabel where you have to order the product yourself.

With Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics, each bin has a label to properly identify your part or product. How you refill that product is dependent on which system you choose from below.

Bossard Code

With this system, data is recorded with a barcode reader and sent to Bossard. Then, Bossard takes care of the replenishment of your product for you.

Do you go through certain parts quite frequently? That is where Bossard’s 2Bin system comes in.

Bossard 2Bin

You can get two standard bins for all of your parts or whatever parts you need. These bins are arranged one behind the other, so when you use up the first one, you just start using the second one. In the meantime, Bossard will collect your empty bins and refill them at regular intervals.

There are various options and various levels of Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics. You can start small or go big, but either way you will get the Proven Productivity from Bossard. If you have questions about which parts of Smart Factory Logistics will work best for you, contact us at

March 24, 2017
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Bossard Online Calculators

bossard online calculators

Bossard takes pride in living up to our “Proven Productivity” name, which is why we have made the design process even easier for you. It can be difficult to start a project when measurements aren’t all universal. Our calculators and converters are designed for engineers, technicians, designers and students involved in the development and assembly of bolted joint.

Here on our website, we have various free calculators and converters for you to take advantage of. There are even more if you create a username and password.

With our online converters, you can convert different units of measure to make your design process quick and easy. Check out our calculators on our website,, and be sure to download the Bossard Fastener Calculator in the App Store.

There are three calculators available to you through our website and app.

Cost Savings Calculator – You can calculate direct savings by reducing the number of different fasteners. Check out our blog on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and Fastening to learn more about the costs that go into engineering and producing fasteners.

Torque and Preload Calculator – It’s important to know the parameters to successfully work with screws and bolts. The calculations are essential in assembly and joints.

Thread Engagement Length Calculator – The proper design for nuts and bolts is crucial for successful results. Use this calculator to for concise measurements for through hole and blind hole fasteners.

Explore and find calculators for design and production, technical design, and online converters.

Trying to get the proper measurements for an upcoming project? Contact us anytime at with questions and concerns—we have you covered. We want to make sure our customers have the best experience with our products and services. For frequent updates and useful information about Bossard, please subscribe to our blog.

October 07, 2016
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The 4th Industrial Revolution: Smart Factory Logistics

industrial revolution 4.0

You may not know it, but we are now in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The 1st Industrial Revolution occurred when we harnessed water and steam power to mechanize production. The 2nd was electric power to create mass production, and the 3rd used electronics and information technology to automate production. Now, the 4th is occurring and it is giving us Smart Factories.

Bossard has developed a Smart Factory Logistics methodology that is helping to bring us into the 4th Industrial Revolution. This methodology will help meet customer needs and also make production leaner and more agile. Bossard has three specific solutions to make factories smarter:

  1. Intelligent systems communicate along the supply chain – We have technology like SmartBin or SmartLabel that communicates the current demand from the warehouse with integrated weight sensors. That way you can have exactly what you need!
  2. Customer-specific solutions for all needs – The Smart Factory Logistics approach includes a comprehensive logistics management analysis of delivery, supplier consolidation, operation and maintenance, and even encompasses strategic customer consultation.
  3. Big data software creates transparency – Bossard has their very own supply chain collaboration software ARIMS. This software collects and delivers data on a large scale to create transparency and bring the customer closer to the process.

Take on the 4th Industrial Revolution with Bossard and Smart Factory Logistics! To learn more about how to make your factory smarter, contact us at or visit the Bossard microsite

September 02, 2016
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The 5 Immediate Benefits of Smart Factory Logistics

5 benefits of smart factory logistics

Simply put, the better and smarter your factory is, the more you will succeed in the market. That is why we have developed Smart Factory logistics, to help you improve your factory and get it where it needs to be. Smart Factory Logistics will create agile production in a fraction of the amount of time to save you money. Still not sure? Check out the benefits you will see immediately below!

  1. Leaner Process – Your process will become leaner because you will save on order management and reduce material handling cost.
  2. Maximum Flexibility – Smart Factory Logistics Systems are designed to be compatible with different manufacturing environments and setups, so we can prioritize your needs and your operations.
  3. Increased Agility – We use advance embedded sensors technology to recognize your manufacturing demands. This allows us to respond quickly and accurately to fill your needs.
  4. Improved Predictability – Our ARIMS application software helps us to uncover patterns so we can serve you better in the long run.
  5. Proven Productivity – We are focused on execution and results. To improve those, we have value-stream-mapping methodology to show our productivity improvement.

Smart Factory Logistics will benefit your factory immediately. The proof is in the productivity, but signing up is up to you. Contact us at to start the conversation.

August 12, 2016
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Smart Factory Logistics

Bossard's Smart Factory Logistics

We want your factory to be as good as it can be. Your competition is always evolving. Are you? These days it is important to optimize your production so you can have a leaner and smarter factory and we can help. Bossard has new Smart Factory Logistics that can give you a competitive edge.

The Bossard Smart Factory Logistics methodology will help you become the best possible factory. This methodology focuses on handling your key challenges in the best way possible. We help you tackle problems like reducing overall costs while boosting productivity, or keeping track of market developments that affect your production.

Smart Factory Logistics is a service for managing your B- and C- parts; it helps you uncover hidden potential for productivity improvement. The best part? Your requirements will help determine our system. We want to customize a system that is tailored to what you need.

This system will focus on your needs, but it will also give you five immediate benefits. These benefits are a leaner process, maximum operation flexibility, increased supply chain agility, improved predictability and proven productivity.

We have systems like the fully automated and flexible SmartBin that automates the ordering process and saves you time and effort. We also have the informative SmartLabel that has real-time information to optimize your C-part management.

With our Smart Factory Logistics methodology, we can give you a smooth and seamless supply chain performance. We can help you get an edge on the competition and best of all, we will customize the system to you.

With Bossard, you know it works. Contact Bossard at if you have any questions about our Smart Factory Logistics methodology and how we can help you.

July 08, 2016
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How Bossard SmartBin Can Save You Time & Money

Quality Department

In previous blog posts we’ve discussed Bossard SmartBin and how it can help with efficiency and convenience in your company. We’re bringing the subject up again because there’s another important aspect of this system to consider. Continue reading to learn about how Bossard SmartBin can save you both time and money.

At Bossard, we understand how valuable time and money really are. It’s our goal to help make your work flow as efficient as possible. That’s where Bossard SmartBin comes in.

But, just how is the SmartBin going to help save you time and money? Look at our list below:

  • continuous inventory monitoring by means of weight sensors
  • safe and reliable demand recognition
  • automatic ordering
  • automatic recognition of box refills
  • operate 24/7
  • inventory lists at the touch of a button
  • access to online platform (ARIMS)
  • transparent order and consumption statistics

These bins continuously monitor inventory with weight sensors. Once your stock gets to a certain level, it will automatically recognize that it’s ready for a refill and will go ahead and order. This maintenance-free program helps to enhance profitability by ensuring there are always products ready to be sold. However, it’s not just the profitability that is going to be enhanced. Since the SmartBin doesn’t need manual intervention, this saves employees time to work on core activities and help increase your efficiency.

Bossard Proven Productivity is dedicated to helping our customers through innovation and sharing our quality products. If you have further questions about the Bossard SmartBin and the SmartBin benefits, take a look at one of our additional blogs on the subject or email us at

June 10, 2016
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Lean Manufacturing In Four Steps

Inventory Management with Bossard

Everyone involved in manufacturing wants to increase productivity and decrease inefficiencies. But how? Bossard is a company that understands the needs of the market. More and more companies are being challenged to streamline their processes and reduce costs, all in search of the next innovation.

Fortunately, Bossard is no stranger to innovation. To boost your manufacturing productivity and lower the total cost of ownership, partner with Bossard. We can help you in four simple steps!

  1. Plan. Bossard will conduct a value stream analysis to identify areas of potential optimization. The goal is to ensure that your processes are maintaining the competitive edge necessary for your next generation of products. We provide an in-depth report with appropriate recommendations for action.
  1. Execute. Put that plan for change into action. Completing the value stream analysis and putting together a report is one thing. Taking those recommendations and executing them is the next big step. And as your partner, Bossard will be there every step of the way in the implementation process.
  1. Check. Once you have implemented the plan, you need to do more than cross your fingers and hope for the best. You need to keep an eye on how the implementation of the plan is affecting your processes, both positively and negatively. Monitoring the progress is important to achieving success.
  1. Adapt. The plan isn’t going to be flawless. The key is to review how the plan is working and make modifications based on the results. Only then will you have begun to innovate and create a unique and wholly effective plan that is tailor-made to your products and services.

But this one blog post is far from a comprehensive guide to lean manufacturing. Interested in learning more? We’re here to further the discussion. Contact us at to get the conversation started.

January 01, 2016
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Bossard SmartLabel

Bossard Smartlabel

Bossard SmartLabel

What is Bossard SmartLabel? Just our new logistics solution. It is an intelligent label – displaying all relevant product information and real-time order status – that can be fixed onto nearly anything, not just storage bins. Users can even release orders at the point of use with the simple touch of a button.

The benefits of Bossard SmartLabel are numerous. Reduced procurement and storage costs, less expense in monitoring of stocks, and lower rate of capital commitment are among the reasons that Bossard SmartLabel is considered so innovative and efficient.

Above all, Bossard SmartLabel is flexible, transparent and adaptable. It is user-friendly, allowing for orders at the direct point of use, with real-time delivery information – from the order status to the delivery date – presented on the display. These labels can be used for different boxes and can even function within your own existing infrastructure, avoiding the need for massive overhauls.

The e-paper display is also easy to read under all lighting conditions and has a long battery life.

More than anything, Bossard SmartLabel is reliable and trusted. Our logistics team works hard to provide innovative and outside-the-box solutions that will streamline your processes.

For a virtual walk through of the whole process, see our video below.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of Bossard SmartLabel? We’d love to chat! Contact us at to get the conversation started.

December 18, 2015
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How Vendor Managed Inventory Works

vendor Inventory Management

Bossard is a leader in innovation because our goal is to streamline processes and increase efficiency. This is no more apparent than in Bossard Inventory Management (also known as BIM).

So what is it? It involves a network of qualified suppliers – at your approval, of course – to provide dependable care of full procurement of all b- and c-parts for Bossard and third parties. The central idea is to reduce costs, lower inventory and, most importantly, achieve sustainable relief across all departments through more efficient management.

How does it work? Bossard offers several different Kanban systems that collect data through an automated process and send it to the suppliers in the c-parts management system when an order point is reached. The suppliers then prepare the requested amounts and label them according to the location of the customer’s warehouse. Bossard then completes the process by bringing the flow of goods together and producing a consolidated invoice.

Flexibility and modularity are two of the most important elements of this system, but there are also multiple benefits to both you and your supplier with Bossard Inventory Management.

This allows for greater control of the choice, procurement and quality of c-part from your suppliers. You can also keep in contact with your suppliers and avoid having to deal with c-parts.

Bossard Inventory Management also compiles the technical responsibilities of your supplier and works to counteract the possibility of delivery bottlenecks by guaranteeing a minimum inventory.

To learn more about Bossard Inventory Management and how it works or to discuss our full range of customer logistics systems, do not hesitate to contact Bossard at We’d love to chat further!

August 14, 2015
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