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4 Supply Chain Solutions for Your Organization with Bossard

Improving your supply chain performance can increase your production efficiency while optimizing manufacturing and production. If you face some of the following common challenges, Bossard can provide supply chain management solutions through Smart Factory Logistics.

You have a good inventory management system in place, complete with a storage system but you want some automation.

SmartLabel Cloud consists of an intelligent label that attaches to any kind of storage bin. The E-paper display, which remains visible under all kinds of lighting conditions, shows configurable product information, real-time order status, order quantity, and delivery date. Touching a button on the label lets you release orders. A long battery life frees the SmartLabel Cloud from maintenance and its built-in wireless technology allows for communication with your inventory management system.

You need a way to store and manage inventory.

SmartBin flex refers to our bin that integrates a weight sensor at the bottom. It then wirelessly communicates stock levels and demand to other areas of your inventory management system. The unit operates individually, so it can go wherever it is needed: such as at the assembly line or work cell. This system reduces ordering and delivery times and encourages lean manufacturing without human intervention.

The SmartBin can also go on mobile trolleys that can communicate wirelessly and are battery-powered. You can then move the trolley to wherever your SmartBin collection is needed. For assembly lines and supermarkets, SmartBin Classic supports centralized and decentralized Kanban pools ranging from just a few grams per bin or up to 1,000 kilograms per pallet.

You want to isolate your high-value inventory with separate storage.

When you want to isolate valuable items and consumables from the rest of your inventory, you can store them in SmartLocker, which is essentially a cabinet with doors that can only be opened through an RFID card. It automatically keeps track of who is accessing what and tells you when inventory needs to be replenished. All information is wirelessly transmitted to ARIMS, Bossard’s Interactive Supply Chain Platform.

Your supply chain needs to be automated.

ARIMS, our exclusive supply chain management software, gives you control of your logistics by enabling you to actively manage inventory, track orders, and access intelligent analytics. Because it is cloud-based, you can access it from any point in your facility using Android or iOS devices, or at specific areas such as a manager’s office.

You can check orders, stock levels, and deliveries in real-time, and make immediate changes. You gain a complete overview of your items, orders, deliveries, and location, which you can analyze through graphs and reports that are easily exported.


This interactive supply chain platform lets you coordinate the flow of goods and materials, integrate all suppliers, and streamline your supplier base. You gain increased efficiency, full transparency, and data that is directly available at the point of use.

Want more information?

These are just some of the many solutions that can improve your productivity. If you have questions about any of these or want to implement them at your facility, please contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.             





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June 11, 2021

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