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Challenges and Solutions of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is full of challenges that can result in higher costs, wasted materials and production errors. However, there are many solutions to common problems that often occur in supply chain management. Supply chain management is the movement and storage of materials, inventory management and delivery of products.

At Bossard, we have identified five challenges that are common when working with supply chain management. Read on to learn more about our solutions and how you can improve your system:

Safety and Quality Products

More than ever it is important to have a quality product. As quality standards rise, it is crucial to produce safe and high-quality products. Companies are working harder than ever to avoid damaging recalls that can hurt the bottom line.

Our solution:

High quality is achieved by starting at the very beginning. By selecting the correct raw materials to use for each application as well as the correct production method, quality crises can be avoided. Bossard utilizes ten testing labs across the world to ensure flawless production quality.

Global Manufacturing

When faced with the challenge and opportunity that is manufacturing on a global scale, it is critical to have a procurement network that can support those global supply chain management needs.

Our solution:

With 53 service locations, 25 warehouses and 10 application engineering laboratories across the globe, Bossard is able to support truly global operations.

Shorter Product Life Cycles and Changing Market Demands

In line with changing market demands and shorter product life cycles, industries must work to find a lean concept and an adjacent workable lean solution.

Our Solution:

Bossard works to provide solutions to lower Total Cost of Ownership and increase productivity. Using value stream analysis, individual recommendations will be made to create an individualized optimized process.

New Technology

Having access to the latest technology has proven to be a challenge. Those who are able to effectively utilize the latest technology to their advantage have been able to see the direct results to support new product development.

Our Solution:

Bossard engineers work to find solutions so that all fasteners are durable, safe and highly functional. Utilizing the latest in fastener technology, Bossard engineers can provide technical advice and product solutions.

Consolidation of Supplier Base

Consolidating supplier base can offer many perks. From cutting overhead costs to lowering the margin of error, the challenge lies in finding a supplier that meets each companies needs in regards to experience and offered solutions.

Our solution:

From automatic ordering to total logistic inventory management solutions, Bossard offers a host of options to cut down costs and reduce waste by providing top notch logistic solutions.

There are many solutions that can solve the challenges involved in supply chain management. Starting with these first five challenges will help to streamline and improve your process.

If you’re looking for supply chain management consulting or to learn more about the problems of supply chain management and solutions – contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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June 16, 2014

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