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Inch or Metric? Check the Head Marking!

Inch or Metric - Check the Head Marking

If you are like me and like to wrench on things, whether it’s fixing a car or repairing the snowblower, you probably have a set of inch and metric wrenches. Sometimes you can determine which set you need by the age or brand of whatever it is you are fixing. Anything made in the United States prior to 1980 is probably not using metric fasteners, while most other parts of the world have never used inch fasteners. If your project was manufactured in the US in the 1980s or 90s, you may see both inch and metric, which may drive you crazy unless you learn a bit about head markings.

Standard headed fasteners, both inch and metric, are required to have a grade or property class marking on the head if it has been heat treated. Also, on the head should be the manufacturer’s identification marking like the triangle in the pictures below. Inch fasteners define their strength (grade) by slash marks as indicated below for grade 5 and grade 8.

Metric fasteners define their strength (property class) with two numbers separated by a decimal point such as 8.8 or 10.9 which are the most common.







Property Class 8.8

So, next time you grab a wrench for a project, take a look at the head of the bolt to see which type of wrench you’ll need!

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March 22, 2019
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Choosing the Right Fasteners for Your Railway Energy Supply Applications

Railway Products

When it comes to selecting the proper railway products, perhaps the most important component to consider is the materials you choose to use for the train’s energy supply. All of Bossard’s energy supply fasteners are designed to meet the highest safety protection and reliability standards. This includes high corrosion and vibration resistance, as well as built-in fire protection.

For instance, Bossard’s barb cable ties are specially made for railway applications. These versatile ties can be used wherever personal and asset protections are a priority. Made with a steel locking barb to ensure stable and strong bonding, they have an impressive durability.

To further prove our emphasis on safety, our resilient conical washers will not loosen due to crushing, wear, vibration, or even material expansion. We also offer wrap sleevings to organize and bundle pre-assembled cables in a flame-retardant, self-extinguishing, and halogen-free material that is built to withstand fire and heat. Similarly, our coating products are all manufactured to be safe, clean, and efficient with remarkable temperature and corrosion resistance. Plus, they come in a range of decorative hues to match whatever color scheme you choose.

When it comes to protecting your passengers and cargo, Bossard’s railway energy supply products have you covered in terms of reliability, quality, and a steadfast commitment to safety.

For more detailed information and to learn more about the quality products Bossard offers, download our complete Railway brochure here, or contact us directly at

March 15, 2019
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What Are the Best Fasteners for Railcar Body Applications?

Railcar Building

When it comes to railcar body products, Bossard recognizes the importance of keeping the installation process quick and simple. That’s why we supply special fasteners that are easy to install and just as easy to remove, allowing for a fast and stress-free installation process. All of our railcar body products are made of the best quality materials, have extraordinary corrosion resistance, and comply with high safety standards.

Railcar body materials not only provide structural stability for the train, but they are essential to safety as well. There is no room for error, which is why Bossard provides materials that can withstand high temperature, corrosion, and vibration to ensure a long-lasting product. For instance, Bossard’s slotted self-locking nuts are reusable and built to retain clamp load even in extreme conditions.

Permanent materials include our lock bolts, allowing fast and automatic installation, and our grounding studs, which are simple to install with our battery powered installation tool. These studs use bolts to discharge leakage current and have an excellent above average clamping range. Another product with enormous clamping force are tensioner nuts, which allow for simple and safe tightening through any hand tool. These nuts prevent thread galling and are a great economical option when mounting large bolts and studs.

Bossard offers only the best when it comes to railcar body products: safe, stable, affordable materials that are built to handle immense resistance and stress while still providing easy installation.

For more detailed information and to learn more about the quality products Bossard offers, download our complete Railway brochure here, or contact us directly at

March 08, 2019
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The ABCs of Interior Railcar Fasteners & Accessories

Interior Railcar Build

From luggage racks, to grab poles, to seats and folding tables, Bossard offers plenty of fasteners designed to improve the functionality and design of interior railway materials. In these types of products, endurance is the key to the safety of train passengers. Materials need to be able to withstand daily strain and even possible passenger vandalism. They need to be light, durable, and functional, which might sound like a tough combination to achieve, but Bossard’s high-quality fasteners and other products were expertly engineered to do just that.

Our railway interior products are all designed for functionality while keeping the comfort of the passengers in mind. Hinges for folding tables need to be long lasting while still maintaining a full range of motion. C-rail fasteners must be easy to shift and reuse and Bossard’s are the perfect combination of stable, yet flexible. Our threaded inserts are lightweight, but they boast impressive durability, making them a strong choice to use in thin materials.

Functionality doesn’t just pertain to ease of use—we also understand the importance of keeping everything looking sleek, smooth, and clean. Our fasteners for soft and composite materials can be mounted with adhesive or be completely embedded, providing invisible integration into the application material. Get rid of clutter with our cable tie plates designed to save you space while securely organizing wire bundles close to mounting surfaces. Many of our products also come in a variety of colors, allowing you to easily incorporate them into whatever color scheme you’ve chosen.

When it comes to choosing interior railway products, Bossard offers the complete package: reliable, sturdy materials that look clean, work smoothly and safely, and provide the best value for your money.

For more detailed information and to learn more about the quality products Bossard offers, download our complete railway brochure, or contact us at

March 01, 2019
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Bossard’s SmartLocker Solution


Bossard’s newest solution for manufacturers is SmartLocker—a fully-automated and controlled inventory system. Ideal for storing your consumables and high-value items, SmartLocker is designed to be a valuable addition to your inventory methods.

SmartLocker is an intelligent, access-controlled system that provides you with continuous stock monitoring. The doors can only be unlocked with an RFID card. When a user locks the doors and withdraws material, the system will determine new stock levels and retain user information, transmitting both to ARIMS which can be accessed through a Web API.

The system automatically informs you of replenishment needs, giving you more control over inventory data and shortening your order and delivery times. SmartLocker makes replenishing your inventory easy and eliminates the hassle of repacking. The locker doors are clear to keep inventory visible and easily accessible, also helping to increase efficiency. The technology also employs weight sensors and an error-proof system for full cycle control.

SmartLocker is a dependable, clever, and maintenance-free method in which to store your valuables and goods that need to be regularly replenished or monitored. With this state-of-the-art technology, you’ll be one step ahead on important inventory replenishment at all times.

To learn more about how SmartLocker can be implemented in your factory, contact us at

February 22, 2019
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All About Smart Factory Logistics

Sway Blog Post Paragraph

Industry 4.0 is already here, and with technology improving by the minute, factories have to be lean and smart in order to stay competitive. Our innovative Smart Factory Logistics systems bring the Internet of Things to your manufacturing floor and bring machine-to-machine communication to life.

SmartBin, SmartLabel, SmartCard, Bossard Code, and Bossard 2Bin will bring your vision of an agile, lean and reliable process to reality. With real-time information and traditional Kanban systems, Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics methodology will optimize your C-part management. With a procurement process truly optimized, your company will be able to use more of its time and resources to create added value for their customers!

For more information about how Smart Factory Logistics can reduce costs and improve productivity, contact us at

Presentation content:

Smart Factory Logistics Systems

How much time do you and your team spend sourcing and order C-parts, replenishing your stock and managing your procurement process? Now imagine having all this time to truly create value for your customers!

With our systems, your vision of an agile, lean and reliable process becomes a reality. We analyze your operation to help you find the perfect fit. From the fully automated and flexible SmartBin to the informative SmartLabel with real-time information and to traditional Kanban systems, we optimize your C-part management.

Automate the supply of various materials with the flexible sensor monitor technology of SmartBin.

Upgrade your existing infrastructure for orders, product details and real time order information.

A combination of the original Kanban card and RFID technology.

Ordering new materials is as easy as scanning the item’s BossardCode and we’ll take care of the rest.

Thanks to its simplicity, Bossard 2Bin has been a reliable method for replenishing materials at regular intervals.

Discover the SmartBin in action!

February 15, 2019
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Using DELTA PT® in Thermoplastics

Using DELTA PT in Thermoplastics

If you’re in need of a reliable direct fastening thermoplastics screw guaranteed to provide calculable extra performance, look no further than DELTA PT®.


This strong but flexible screw is the result of many years of experience in direct fastening into thermoplastics. Through much study and practice, Bossard is now able to offer a high-quality product designed to make fastening jobs not only easier, but more cost effective.

The DELTA PT® screw offers many advantages when it comes to choosing a fastener for plastics. Due to its narrow flank angle, this screw minimizes radial stress, allowing unimpeded material flow and reducing heat buildup. This reduces the likelihood of costly damage to the plastic and ensures product quality will not be compromised.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of DELTA PT® is its unbeatable strength while still being flexible enough to keep the surface pressure low. Its optimized thread pitch enhances vibration resistance, consequently increasing the service life of the joint. DELTA PT® screws boast a high tensile strength, as well as a high torsional strength, meaning they are capable of withstanding stretch while still maintain great torque strength.

When using DELTA PT®, driving speed should be between 300-800 rpm and can be used with both air and electrical powered screwdrivers. They can be used in automated assembly, but should be specially defined and produced to meet the automated assembly quality.

For more information on DELTA PT®, contact us at

February 08, 2019
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Surface Finishing Stainless Steel

Surface Finishing Stainless Steel Intro

Even though we want stainless steel to always live up to its name, it doesn’t work perfectly as intended 100% of the time. Understandably, consumers get frustrated when their supposedly “stainless” steel shows signs of rust, and they have questions as to how it happened and how it can be prevented in the future. In the paper provided, we will give you information to help you better understand possible causes and the categories which can lead to problems with stainless steel. Often, a little basic knowledge and precaution can go a long way in the prevention of rust in your stainless material.

To have an in-depth conversation with one of our highly skilled fastener engineers, contact us at

February 01, 2019
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Smart Factory Logistics: Bossard’s Last Mile Management Solution

Smart Factory Logistics - Bossard's Last Mile Management Solution

Bossard offers invaluable Last Mile Management software designed to streamline the automation and data exchange process for mass customization manufacturers. We know you are constantly seeking innovative technology to reduce waste and better your business practices, and this software is designed with your goals in mind.

Our proven solution can offer a cost savings of up to 60% thanks to its focus on efficiency and providing your material controller with accurate and timely product information.

So how does it work? We provide you with an automated system designed to alert you when material replenishment is needed. It records demand in a digital picking list for you, which will be automatically received by Bossard’s Last Mile Management mobile app. This software is both intuitive and paperless, allowing you to efficiently pick the requested material at central storage locations.

Our software generates an optimized replenishment route plan, eliminating the need for you to do so and, therefore, making the process as efficient as possible. In fact, this route plan can even be sent to an automated guided vehicle which will smoothly take care of transferring material flow to your shop floor.

Don’t let full automation scare you—our system can also be easily reconfigured to give you full control. Plus, you’ll receive maintenance-free service by Bossard experts for your peace of mind.

No matter what kind of production plan you use—work cell based, batch, flow, or mixed model assembly line—Bossard’s Last Mile Management is designed to support it all. Our intuitive software provides manufacturers with a simple, cost-effective solution intended to help you reduce waste and achieve your full potential.


To see if Last Mile Management can benefit you, contact us at

January 25, 2019
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Tips for Choosing Fastener Material

Fastener Design Tips part 5

By far the workhorse material of the fastening world is carbon or alloy steel, often plated or coated to resist corrosion in service. But, is this material suitable for all designs? What about cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum or even carbon fiber? If we make poor choices on material or fastener finishes, we can be setting our joints up to fail. Let’s take a brief look at each of the aforementioned materials:

Joint Materials Recommended Fastener Material Recommended Fastener Finish Comments
Plain steel Plain carbon or alloy steel Plain finish
Cast iron Plain carbon or alloy steel Plain finish
Aluminum Aluminum alloy or stainless None Zinc flake coated plain carbon steel may also be used
Copper Copper None


Stainless is suitable
Stainless steel Stainless steel None
Zinc die cast Plain carbon steel Zinc plated
Carbon fiber Stainless steel

It is ideal to match the fastener material as closely as possible to the joint material not only to guard against galvanic corrosion, but also match the thermal expansion and contraction of the materials as they cycle through different temperatures.

There are also specialty fastener materials designed specifically for high temperature service.


For more information on which fastener material is right for your design, check out or contact us at

Doug Jones
Applications Engineer

January 18, 2019
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