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How to Change the Mandrel and Nosepiece for the Prosert XTN20 Tool

Mandrel and nosepieces

The ProSert XTN20 has proven itself as a capable blind rivet nut tool because of its light weight, high speed, good ergonomics, long endurance, and flexibility in pull-to-stroke and pull-to-force modes. These factors add up to higher productivity and low installation cost for each fastener.

The tool includes multiple high-strength installation mandrels that install quickly and easily as explained by these steps in the following video.

  • First, use a spanner wrench of the correct size to release the torque on both the lock nut and nose casing. You can then manually loosen and remove both the nose piece and the nose casing to reveal the mandrel.
  • To release the mandrel, pull the nose pin away from the chuck nut and set it in the L groove. You can then manually loosen and remove the chuck nut as well as the mandrel.
  • You can then reverse the process to install a new mandrel with a different size, the nose casing, and the nose piece.

Finally, adjust one of the following elements, depending on how you are setting the rivet nut.

  • Stroke distance. Slide open the red sleeve in the back of the tool and then use the pin-push tool to adjust the silver dial for the minimum and maximum stroke length.
  • Pressure. Push the silver button by the red knob and then turn the knob clockwise to increase pressure or counterclockwise to decrease the pressure.

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November 08, 2019
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All About Rivet Nut Tooling

A rivet nut tool.

As part of our commitment to adding value by delivering solutions to improve your productivity, this video introduces the rivet nut tool. Bossard’s North American Product Manager for Riveting and Clinching Technology demonstrates the advantages and use of this smart tool. This tool represents one of a series that includes tools for blind or POP® rivets, and torque drivers. All these tools operate on battery power to free you from cords and air hoses. This energy source lets you set up to 3,000 M6 rivet nuts on one charge. This rivet nut tool also operates faster than its air-hose counterpart. This can make a difference in productivity over many assemblies.

The smarts of the rivet nut tool come from its ability to track its use. It integrates a sensor that measures the force used to set each rivet nut with an accuracy of at least 99 percent. You can immediately check a green screen on the back of the tool to verify that the setting was successful.

Monitoring results displayed on a force-over-stroke curve is an option. Because you can program the tool with the included software, you can view and set acceptable limits for the tool. Those values are then assigned to an assembly serial number. Integrating an optional bar code scanner into the tool to read the number is possible. Several programs are then read into the tool and performed on the same workstation. An optional WiFi module can send data to a quality documentation computer without having to use cables and plugs.

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November 01, 2019
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Quick Guide to Process Monitoring Tooling

A man uses a tool to fasten a rivet

How do you know if the fastener you installed is tensioned to its specifications? How can you be sure that your line operators are installing the correct number of fasteners in the correct locations? If you are using a standard tool, you have no way of knowing for sure.

Smart Tools

That’s why Bossard offers several different “Smart Tools” with process monitoring capabilities. Tooling options exist for torque guns, blind rivets, blind rivet nuts, and lock bolts. Data from these tools is stored as either a torque/angle curve for torque guns or a force/stroke curve for riveting fasteners. Each type of tool functions slightly differently, but all can be outfitted with optional upgrades, such as a barcode scanner that allows the tool to associate a specific workpiece serial number with one or several completed fastener installations.

One tool can store many different programs and can install several different parts without the need for recalibration or adjustment of settings. For example, one Smart Tool for blind rivets can install three different rivets of the same diameter in succession without needing to adjust stroke distance or pulling force each time.

All tools are programmable and come with software to customize settings for any job, allowing a programmer to set OK/NOK limits on the measured quantities. OK readings from the tool will present the operator with a positive confirmation. NOK readings will present a notification that can be cleared by someone with the proper permissions – whether that is the operator, or a quality manager depends on the factory’s individual preferences.

The process monitoring function does not slow down tool cycle time, and Smart Tools outperform many standard tools in side-by-side speed tests.

For more information on how process monitoring can improve your quality assurance methods, contact Bossard today at

October 25, 2019
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What Installation Equipment Should I Use for Blind Rivet Nut Applications?

Installation of a blind rivet nut

When you come to Bossard for fastening solutions, our engineers may recommend rivet nuts, which typically have access from two sides. Blind rivet nuts allow access only from one side making them suitable for more flexible applications in agriculture, residential lighting, trucking and transportation, mining, and solar or green energy, among others. They’re useful, for example, when you want to join brittle or thin materials that may shatter with ordinary nuts.

Choosing the correct blind rivet nut is one half of the fastening solution. The other is selecting the right installation.

Types of Tools

The following are some of the most popular options from our tooling portfolio:

  • Spin/spin tool: After you thread the blind rivet nut onto the mandrel of the pneumatic power tool, the tool inserts the nut into the hole of your application. The tool then spins the mandrel to pull the threaded part of the shank to the blind side of the application, which creates a bulge around the unthreaded part. As the bulge pushes against the rear of the panel, it grips the sheet. After securing the nut in place, the mandrel removes itself from the nut by spinning in the opposite direction. The internal threads of the nut remain unaffected.
  • Spin/pull tool: Pulls the mandrel back a specific distance to set the nut.
  • Pull to pressure” or “force control” tool: Pulls the mandrel back to a specific pressure.
  • Pull to stroke” or “stroke control” tool: Pulls the mandrel back to a specific stroke distance or thickness.

More Considerations

Other questions to ask when deciding on installation equipment include the following:

  • What are the sizes of the blind rivet nuts? We offer M3 to M12, or, if you prefer, can deliver specifications in inches.
  • Do you prefer the control and finesse of hand tools or the efficiency and strength of battery-powered or pneumatic tools?
  • What materials are you fastening? Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, or high-strength steel need different equipment. For example, spin/pull tools are ideal for fastening plastic components and pull-to-pressure tools work well for metal or hard plastic.
  • What other options do you want: real-time process monitoring with multistage programming, force/stroke curve documentation, upgrade modules like Wi-Fi or barcode readers?

Want to learn more? Then please use the form to the right to contact us and a Bossard representative will get in touch with you shortly.

October 18, 2019
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Everything You Need to Know About Inch and Metric Fastener Standards

A secure fastener from Bossard

Many standards exist relating to fasteners that detail geometry, mechanical properties, and finishes. At times, differentiating between these variations can be difficult. Below are a few of the most common standards for both inch fasteners and metric fasteners:

Inch Fasteners

Fastener Dimensions Mechanical & Material Properties
Hex head cap screws ANSI/ASME B18.2.1 SAE J429
Hex nuts ANSI/ASME B18.2.2 SAE J995
Hardened steel washers ASTM F436 ASTM F436
Unhardened steel washers ASTM F844 ASTM F844

Metric Fasteners

Fastener Dimensions Mechanical & Material Properties
Hex head cap screws ISO 4014/ISO 4017 ISO 898-1
Hex nuts ISO 4032 ISO 898-2
Hardened steel washers ISO 7089 ISO 7089
Unhardened steel washers ISO 7091 ISO 7091

Most inch fastener standards have only one standard which governs dimensional characteristics of a part, but metric fasteners may have many standards. These standards are often the same, with a few notable exceptions:


Fastener Preferred Standard Standard option 2 Standard option 3 Difference
Hex head cap screws ISO 4014 ANSI/ASME B18.2.3.1M DIN 931 Width Across Flats (WAF) is larger on select sizes for DIN fasteners
Hex nuts ISO 4032 ASME B18.2.2M DIN 934 The thickness of DIN nuts is slightly lower

For metric fasteners, we recommend using ISO standards as they are the most recognized and used all over the world. Some catalogs still list DIN standard parts even though the DIN standard may be obsolete, and parts are still made to these obsolete standards. If you have any questions on which standard part is right for your build, contact us at for more information.

October 11, 2019
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FASTEKS Access Line: Everything You Need to Know About Our Access Hardware Products

Bossard's FASTEKS products

You know Bossard for the fastening products we offer to improve your products. Yet, this forms just one part of our methodology, designed to make your manufacturing and supply chain smarter, leaner, and more efficient. Our latest offering is a special catalog of around 5,000 operating and control elements, excerpted from our larger collection. They consist of the following categories.

Catalog Categories

  • Handwheels and Handles enable manual adjustments to machinery and manage access to compartments. They include solid handwheels with fixed or fold-away cylindrical handles and no handles. They also cover crank handles with fixed and fold-away cylindrical handles.
  • Clamping Knobs help with gripping and securing applications, and typically contain knurling, texturing, or lobes. They are available as both nuts or screws in three-star, star, cross, wing, grip, and knurled varieties.
  • Clamping and Tension Levers allow for manually fixing or holding elements. They may have adjustable handles and may or may not require the push of a button to release tension.
  • Handles improve grip on machinery for easier movement or adjustment. They include bridge handles with an ergonomically perfect design, T-handles, mushroom knobs, plain spherical knobs, cylindrical knobs, cylindrical handles that are fixed or revolving, and retractable cylindrical handles.
  • Control Elements allow the adjustment of equipment functions with knurling to improve grip and numbered dividing marks to show gradations of control.
  • Leveling Elements help stabilize machinery on uneven surfaces. They may be adjustable or rigid and may or may not include rubber inserts that prevent slipping.
  • Indexing and Positioning Elements help you to remove or re-position elements quickly. They include spring and lateral plungers, ball-ended thrust screws, index plungers, ball-lock pins, and indexing handles.
  • Hinges enable lids, doors, or other moving objects to open or close. They include free-swinging versions with through holes, threaded inserts, or threaded studs.

This list represents only our standard range of access hardware products. We can deliver over 10,000 customized solutions based on your specifications and drawings, or that are jointly developed by your engineers and our product specialists. For more information, please reach out to your local Bossard contact.

October 04, 2019
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How ARIMS Mobile Can Make Your Supply Chain More Efficient

Two people study ARIMS mobile results

With ARIMS Mobile, you can put all the functions of our interactive supply chain platform into the palm of your hand. This will free you from having to run to your desk every time you need to access logistics information. Instead, you’ll be able to track your orders, manage inventory, access smart analytics, and get a holistic overview of your B- and C-part management from your smartphone, tablet, or another portable device.

The app is available on Android and iOS devices and gives you full control even when you’re on the production floor. Because ARIMS is cloud-based, the mobile version integrates with the platform you have on your desktop and with the information supplied by other ARIMS Mobile users at your location.

(Video iFrame)
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

App Advantages

Among the many advantages of this app are the following:

  • Customize system parameters, so that they fit the way your enterprise operates. The interface is easy and intuitive, so you spend your time entering or accessing information, rather than trying to figure out how everything works.
  • Access all your supplier information in a single streamlined supplier base.
  • Scan or enter data at the point of delivery, storage, or use.
  • Get real-time status of your deliveries or inventory wherever you are at your facility. Because this app integrates with your Enterprise Resource Planning System, the inventory revealed by ARIMS mobile matches your physical stock.
  • Locate inventory items faster than ever by using the most advanced NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology.
  • Manage how materials and information flow for your global inventory by putting shop intelligence and logistics in your pocket.
  • Improve efficiency and predictability by accessing data at the point of use.
  • Submit change requests as soon as you discover a need and look at current and past changes.
  • Expedite the implementation of Industry 4.0 at your facility by implementing communications from machine to machine (M2M).

Want to know more about how ARIMS mobile can make your supply chain more efficient? Contact us today at to learn more.

September 27, 2019
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How to Solve Key Supply Chain Management Challenges

A man carries materials.

Taking Supply Chain Management to The Next Level

Managing your business is not easy. With more competition on the scene than ever thanks to e-commerce, you must focus on your supply chain. If there are issues with your ability to get the supplies that you need, it can make it harder to meet deadlines and get everything in front of your clients when they demand it. At Bossard, we offer the supply chain management services that you need.

Supply Chain Management

There are challenges when it comes to supply chain management. This is where it’s critical to know what they are so that you can overcome them.

The most common problems include:

  • Higher costs
  • Materials wasted
  • Production errors
  • Changing market demands
  • Global client base
  • New technologies

None of these must be a showstopper for you. Instead, it’s about choosing the right distributor to work with. Many of the problems that you deal with can be overcome by working with Bossard.

We stand out from our competitors. What makes us unique?

  • 53 service locations
  • 25 warehouses
  • 10 application engineering labs

This allows us to focus on providing a lower total cost of ownership to you while being able to increase your productivity. We’re capable of meeting the deadlines that you have, which is why we’re across the globe. When you’re expanding your business to offer global manufacturing, we can support your global supply chain management needs.

Stay Up on the Trends

The trends happening within your industry are of the utmost importance. You may have issues such as globalization, localization, or new technology fighting to affect your operations. We can make shifts to accommodate you. Further, our end-to-end visibility allows you to see when you’re going to get what you need.

At Bossard, we provide seamless order management to ensure that we can produce what you need when you need it – and get it to you wherever you are. Supply base consolidation is our specialty and we look forward to partnering with you. Contact us right now at to learn more.

September 20, 2019
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What to Look Forward to With Self-Tapping Screws

A self-tapping screw

Productivity is everything in your operations. So, it only makes sense that you choose fasteners that will support your efforts to save time while still focusing on quality. At Bossard, we have the solution in the form of self-tapping screws.

Save on the Process

When you’re working with wood, plastic, or metal, you typically must drill a pilot hole before using a screw. This means that you have to change the bit on your screwdriver at least twice if not three times because of gaging the size.

With a self-tapping screw, you save time. This is because they drive their own hole. All you need is a screwdriver and the self-tapping screws. You can create perfectly fitted threads just like that.

Ideal in So Many Scenarios

You will find that self-tapping screws are great for use in a variety of scenarios. Particularly when you are fastening two materials together, you can use these.

You can choose the type of screw tip that works best for the scenario, too, including:

  • Blunt 
  • Flat
  • Sharp 
  • Piercing

Once you identify the type of tip that you need, the rest is, as they say, history.

Of course, there are a few things to know when you’re dealing with self-tapping screws. If you ever need to disassemble the application, stripping the screws is possible. When you reassemble, you would need a slightly larger screw. To avoid stripping, use a metal insert from the very beginning. This may be necessary if you plan on disassembling and assembling at any point in the life of your application.

Shop for What You Need

At Bossard, we have a wide array of self-tapping screws that you need to boost productivity and get the job done. These screws come in a variety of shapes and sizes like all the traditional screws you use.

The only difference is, when you begin using these, you’ll see that the time to get the job done decreases, as do labor costs.

For more information on self-tapping screws, contact us at

September 13, 2019
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6 Key Features of Bossard’s Interactive Supply Chain Platform


How materials flow through your supply chain is critical to the productivity and profits of your enterprise. The key to getting a handle on this process is having accurate information. ARIMS, our interactive supply chain platform, lets you manage your orders and inventory with an intuitive interface. With it, you can:

  • Merge all your suppliers into a more streamlined supplier base.
  • Integrate with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system so the inventory recorded in your systems matches your physical stock.
  • Coordinate the flow of materials and information for your global inventory.
  • Improve predictability and efficiency by accessing your data at the point of use, such as through a smartphone.
  • Analyze big data about your supply chain in real time and make changes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Bring Industry 4.0 into your factory by implementing machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

Watch Video

ARIMS rewards you with these benefits by providing the following functions for managing B- and C-parts:

  • ARIMS Analytics reveals your articles, locations, orders, and deliveries using reports and graphs. Users are also able to export this information. This function relies on big data to deliver real-time data, allowing you to look at how your production is doing at any time.
  • ARIMS Interactive lets you optimize your production by adjusting assembly lines. You can submit changes and view your current and past change requests. Customize your dashboard and system options to fit the way your enterprise operates.
  • ARIMS Mobile enables complete access through Android and iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets. Even if you’re on the production floor, you can locate articles and check orders in real time.

Do you want more information about how ARIMs can improve your supply chain? Please contact Bossard today at for a demonstration.

September 06, 2019
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