About Us

The world around us is made up of many fascinating parts that are all held together with screws, nuts and bolts. Bossard looks at what you see every day and works with the parts that you don’t see.

Who We Are

Bossard History

Bossard’s hardware store in the 1960s

Founded in 1831 in the historic city of Zug, the Swiss family-owned hardware store transformed into a global leader in fastening technology. Meeting the increasing demand for fasteners and sophisticated engineering products in the early 1900s allowed Bossard to position itself as a reliable supplier of an ever growing selection of fasteners. Today, Bossard is a leader in modern fastening technology in America, Asia and Europe with 2,500 employees in 80 locations.

How we can help you

Every solution we create is to enable you to achieve higher productivity. We know that the fastener itself makes up only 15% of the total costs of ownership (TCO). The remaining 85% of your costs come from development, procurement, testing, assembly and logistics. We understand your challenges and create three kinds of solutions to help you reduce costs and transform your production:

Proven Productivity – Our Promise

Your success is what matters to us. We look for partners like you who seek to develop more efficient and cost effective solutions that drive sustainable growth. At Bossard, we focus on the combination of superior fasteners, engineering and logistics to enable you to do just that. This holistic approach is what we call “Proven Productivity”. Find out how our clients have maximized output and optimized their processes from their Proven Productivity stories.

A Message from Bossard’s CEO

“We are going to make you competitive; this is what we mean by proven productivity. This is in the DNA of Bossard. It’s what we believe in. It’s how we think, how we act in our daily operations. And, to our valued customers, that are looking for productivity improvements. We are looking forward to meeting you at Bossard.”