All About Heyco® Electrical Products

All About Heyco

At Bossard, we’re proud to offer leading comprehensive cable mounting components from Heyco®. Although Heyco® was purchased by Penn Engineering in 2016, their innovative products have been utilized in manufacturing for several decades. Heyco®’s diverse product line includes fittings, bushings, grommets, plugs, power components, HEYware, and much more. Continue reading for an overview of the key Heyco® products and solutions we offer at Bossard. 

The HeyClip™ Push-In Fastener

HeyClip™ push-in fasteners are designed for easy and quick disassembly or assembly. The HeyClip™ push-in fastener is commonly used throughout the energy industry, such as in solar power, electricity, and electromagnetic applications. This versatile component offers a range of attractive features and benefits, including:

  • A clean and flawless appearance after installation
  • Expansion for securing fasteners
  • Multiple usages
  • Time and cost savings

The HeyClip™ line includes buttons, clips, snap rivets, and fastener plugs. 

Heyco®-Tite Cable Glands (Cordgrips)

Heyco®-Tite represents durability and high performance for gripping and protecting wires as well as cables for virtually any indoor or outdoor application. With the ability to withstand an array of conditions, the Heyco®-Tite cable glands can be used across an array of industries, including automation, facilities, energy, rail vehicles, robotics, as well as traffic and machine building.

The team at Bossard will work closely with you to match the best type and material for your specific application. We offer Heyco®-Tite cable glands in Nylon 6/6, nickel-plated brass, aluminum, and zinc-plated steel. A few key features of Heyco®-Tite wire protection products are:

  • Vibration resistance
  • Strain relief protection
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion

Also, Heyco®-Tite cable glands are a superior sealing element without the need for an extra O-ring. 

Nytye® Cable Ties 

Nytye® Cable Ties are available for a range of application requirements. Whether indoor or outdoor, these durable ties offer ample security with high-strength, locking teeth, notch-free, or double loop options. Nytye® cable ties are suitable for environments with corrosion, moisture, and high/low temperatures. A couple of key attributes of these cable ties are:

  • Time and cost-saving with a reliable one-piece design
  • Compliant with MS3367 and MIL-S-23190E

Contact the Bossard team today to learn more about Heyco products and the latest technology at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com

May 21, 2021
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