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Proven Productivity’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019

At the beginning of the new year is a great time to look back at some of Bossard’s top blog posts. Check this list out to see if your favorites made it. You can also catch up with some of the top topics that you may have missed.

Why Fasteners Fail: How to Prevent Vibrational Loosening

Most fasteners provide peace of mind because they never loosen. They only have to endure static or external loading, which is erratic and does not exceed the forces that hold things together.

But there are also joints that suffer cyclical loading that, in some cases, happen at high-frequency cycles. Such loads produce vibrations that may loosen fasteners.

To minimize or eliminate vibrational loosening, the most obvious solution is to remove the source of the vibration. Another includes adding friction to threaded components. A final option is to increase friction to bearing surfaces.

7 Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Fastener Finish

Do not overlook the importance of finish in a fastener, which requires that you consider the following factors:

  • How safe is the finish for the fastened joint?
  • What is the expected service life of the finish, especially when protecting against corrosion?
  • Do nicks, scrapes, and handling affect the finish?
  • Will the assembly fail if the joint becomes loose? What are the consequences of such failure?
  • Does the finish prevent assembly by filling in recesses or threads?
  • How readily available is the finish?
  • Is the finish cost-effective for the assembly?

Bossard’s SmartLocker Solution

When you need to automate your inventory control system, SmartLocker impresses as a valuable addition to your methods. It’s designed to be dependable and maintenance-free. It works well for common consumables and high-value items by monitoring your stock.

For maximum security, the doors unlock only with an RFID card. When you take out an item, the system keeps track of stock levels and users. It then tells you when items need replenishing, which gives you more control over inventory data and minimizing order and delivery times.

The ABCs of Interior Railcar Fasteners & Accessories

Bossard offers a variety of fasteners designed to attach seats, folding tables, grab poles, and other components to subway cars, light-rail vehicles, and railcars. These fasteners are made of materials that withstand the strain of daily use.

These fasteners, made with soft and composite materials, ensure that your railcar interiors look sleek and clean. They can mount with adhesive or embed in the application. Many of our offerings come in different colors so that they blend into whatever decorating scheme you choose.

What Are the Best Fasteners for Railcar Body Applications?

Railcar body products demand quick and easy installation, top-quality materials that resist corrosion, and a commitment to high safety standards. Bossard realizes that there is no room for error. That is why we deliver long-lasting fasteners that withstand high temperatures, vibrations, and corrosion.

Examples of our products include slotted self-locking nuts that retain clamp loads in extreme conditions and are reusable. Our lock bolts encourage the automatic and quick installation and our grounding studs need only a battery-powered tool for simple installation. Although they deliver enormous clamping force, our tensioner nuts demand only hand tools for simple and safe tightening.

Want more information about any of these topics? Reach out to Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com!

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