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The ABCs of Interior Railcar Fasteners & Accessories

From luggage racks, to grab poles, to seats and folding tables, Bossard offers plenty of fasteners designed to improve the functionality and design of interior railway materials. In these types of products, endurance is the key to the safety of train passengers. Materials need to be able to withstand daily strain and even possible passenger vandalism. They need to be light, durable, and functional, which might sound like a tough combination to achieve, but Bossard’s high-quality fasteners and other products were expertly engineered to do just that.

Our railway interior products are all designed for functionality while keeping the comfort of the passengers in mind. Hinges for folding tables need to be long lasting while still maintaining a full range of motion. C-rail fasteners must be easy to shift and reuse and Bossard’s are the perfect combination of stable, yet flexible. Our threaded inserts are lightweight, but they boast impressive durability, making them a strong choice to use in thin materials.

Functionality doesn’t just pertain to ease of use—we also understand the importance of keeping everything looking sleek, smooth, and clean. Our fasteners for soft and composite materials can be mounted with adhesive or be completely embedded, providing invisible integration into the application material. Get rid of clutter with our cable tie plates designed to save you space while securely organizing wire bundles close to mounting surfaces. Many of our products also come in a variety of colors, allowing you to easily incorporate them into whatever color scheme you’ve chosen.

When it comes to choosing interior railway products, Bossard offers the complete package: reliable, sturdy materials that look clean, work smoothly and safely, and provide the best value for your money.

For more detailed information and to learn more about the quality products Bossard offers, download our complete railway brochure, or contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

The ABCs of Interior Railcar Fasteners & Accessories by
March 01, 2019

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