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bigHead® releases Core range Technical Guide

Bossard understands how hard it is to predict whether a fastener will perform properly under load when you work with composites. You must make educated guesses or run time-consuming trials to determine how much load a bonded or embedded fastener can handle, or how it can fail.

Fortunately, bigHead® offers a core range of 156 products. This complete range of fasteners is designed for both bonded and embedded applications, forged from carbon or 316 stainless steel, and available in small, medium, or large sizes.

More importantly, the bigHead® core range comes with a technical guide that makes it easier to identify critical design considerations in your composite application and select the proper bigHead® fastener for the joint. This guide puts the following needed information within easy reach:

  • Performance data that includes size, weight, and maximum tensile load for each of the three head types.
  • Product range, such as the threaded collar or threaded stud, their available lengths, and examples of their product coding.
  • Flexible process integration options such as post-process installation, or co-process integration.
  • Critical considerations during design and assembly include the gaps between adjoining components, clearance holes in adjoining components, and the thread friction coefficient and/or modifiers.

Want more technical information about assembly methods in composite applications? Contact us today at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

bigHead® releases Core range Technical Guide by
March 27, 2020

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