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How to Meet Top Quality Standards with Bossard Expert Test Services

Meeting top quality standards, especially in fastening technology, requires thorough testing of your prototype or products. Bossard provides Expert Test Services at one of our 14 accredited testing laboratories around the world that meet ISO/IEC 17025 certification. The following tests are available.

Available Testing

  • Coating Thickness Measurement – measures thickness through X-rays to verify the required protective coating.
  • Corrosion Analysis – looks at the type of corrosion that may appear on your components and develops countermeasures to reduce it.
  • Failure Analysis – determines why a bolted joint fails, such as corrosion, change of friction conditions, or incorrect tightening torque.
  • Fastening Optimization – helps you choose the right fastener for your application and provides specifications if desired.
  • Friction Coefficient Testing / Torsion Testing – determines the friction coefficient, tightening torque, and clamp force of your bolted joint.
  • Hardness Tests / Hardness Profile Measurements – uses measure indentations to test surface hardness, core hardness, case hardness, hardness profile, and other mechanical properties.
  • Joint Design Calculation – discovers what loads and stresses a critical bolted joint undergoes. We can then recommend how to optimize the joint during design and assembly.
  • Loosening Analysis – determines if you are using the right clamping force for highly loaded bolted joints. It considers the temperature of use, vibration, and forces to transmit, among other factors.
  • Salt Spray Test – examines how a spray of a saline solution affects various coatings created to prevent corrosion. The test may last up to 1,000 hours.
  • Spectral Analysis – identifies a wide range of materials using, for example, such ranges of 31 different elements for iron and 21 different elements for nickel
  • Tensile and Compression Strength Testing – calculates yield point, elongation at fracture, tensile strength and other mechanical characteristics.
  • Torque Analysis – tested in our labs or at your location on original working pieces made from metal or plastic. It gauges the tightening torque of your application.
  • Ultra-Sonic Preload Measuring – evaluates how the length of a screw changes when tightened (pre-load). You can measure ultra-sonic preload with your application at your location.

For more information about our Expert Test Services, please contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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August 23, 2019

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