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Learn How to Design Your Best Product with Bossard Expert Design

The development of our Assembly Technology Expert services improves the use of fasteners in prototypes, new or existing products, and current assembly processes. But they are also useful for having you focus on fasteners when you’re still designing it through the Expert Design method.

What is Expert Design?

When you create a new product, beating the competition while maintaining high quality and safety standards and minimizing the time to market is no small feat. Integrating fastening functions can be demanding, even though the function of a fastener is often seen as trivial.

Based on 3D prototyping and CAD Big Data Analytics, our Expert Design method recommends ways to use materials and optimize assembly to increase the success of the final product.

The benefits include a better in-place cost because you choose the best fastening option, lower production cost due to faster assembly processes, and a lower life-cycle cost because the incorporation of the correct fastening solutions happens from the very beginning.

Technical Resources

To help you with this method, Expert Design offers you the following online resources.

  • Online Calculators and Converters for Fasteners. Includes converters for torque, pressure, length, and force for free. If you log in, you also get hardness converters, a pilot hole designer for tapping screws and ecosyn®-plast, and more online calculators for technical design. Many of these online aids are also available through an app that is available either on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • CAD Online Portal. This online portal allows you to view and manipulate a variety of fasteners in 3D or 2D while giving you specific information about their sizes and uses. If you find a component particularly useful, you can generate a CAD model or create a PDF datasheet but only if you log in first.
  • Technical Information. Enjoy a variety of useful white papers, conversion tables, articles, diagrams, and reference values about all types of fasteners and joints. You can download PDF versions of what you find if you log in.

Discover what else our Expert Design services can offer you. Email us today at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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August 16, 2019

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