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How To Increase Productivity in Your Supply Chain

Increasing employee productivity in your supply chain rewards you with higher profitability, lower operational costs, reduced waste, and improved customer service. Traditional methods, such as making communication more efficient, improving training, and developing procedure standards, still work. But they take time and expense to execute and measure. A more cost-effective and quicker strategy is to depend on Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics.


Optimizing your production and manufacturing gives you an edge over your competitors and drives growth. Our Smart Factory Logistics gives you the following advantages:

  • Increases your agility.
  • Responds automatically to fast-moving market demands.
  • Improves predictability with software analysis.
  • Makes your processes leaner by reducing management, material handling, and inventory holding costs.
  • Customizes different manufacturing environments for maximum flexibility.
  • Improves productivity continuously with expert advice.

We implement the Internet of Things in your facility, which enables your machines and computers to communicate seamlessly with each other for real-time insight into your C-part usage. Because we make managing your C-parts leaner and more transparent, you can focus on the core competence.

How It Works

Bossard offers both physical systems and a software platform to automate your supply chain.


Our Smart Factory Logistics systems consist of the following components, which you can customize to your requirements.

  • SmartLabel – This intelligent modular label attaches to your existing storage units that hold stock. All stock information, such as name, identification numbers, real-time order status, and delivery date appears on the label, which communicates with other parts of the system through the SmartLabel Cloud. The display uses e-paper to make it readable under all lighting conditions. Its battery lasts for up to five years. Pushing a button on the label triggers ordering.
  • SmartBin – This stand-alone box contains built-in weight sensors that constantly monitor stock levels through the SmartBin cloud. When the stock lowers to a reorder point, the SmartBin sends a replenishment order to Bossard automatically. We then consolidate all your ordered items into one shipment that is sent to your dock or point of use.
  • SmartLocker – You can store valuable stock in the SmartLocker, which can only be accessed using the correct RFID card. Stock levels and reordering are also automatic.
  • SmartCard combines RFID technology with the original kanban card. The card corresponds to a storage container. When the stock goes down to a minimum point in the container, the employee drops the card into an electronic mailbox, which then sends automatically sends ordering information to Bossard.


ARIMS is an interactive digital platform that ties our Smart Factory Logistics systems together to increase supply chain productivity and improve lean management. Because it works in the cloud, you can access it from the office desktop or on the factory floor through the ARIMS Mobile app that is downloaded to your personal device. It has the following functions.

  • ARIMS Analytics lets you analyze your orders, deliveries, locations, and articles in real-time through reports, graphs, and tables that you can export.
  • ARIMS Interactive lets you directly submit change requests, customize system options, and view past and current changes.




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February 11, 2022

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