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Smart Factory Logistics to Know Your Parts Usage and Not be Caught Unprepared

Your Kanban system may have worked adequately so far. However, it does involve constant attention from your suppliers, shippers, and warehouse staff so that products enter and leave your warehouse in a timely manner. You also have to juggle inventory levels and fulfillment requests to ensure that you process orders promptly and with the correct quantities.

How does your current Kanban system stack up when challenged with unforeseen events?  When headlines forecast supply chain interruption or material shortages, do you have the usage data on hand to ensure your assembly line won’t be stopped in the days ahead?  Despite your vigilance, you’re sometimes caught unprepared when stock levels don’t match what’s on record or you don’t have enough information to predict what to stockpile when JIT replenishment is not viable anymore. This can cause you to delay shipments as your staff scrounge for the needed products.  Bossard helps you avoid these pitfalls by implementing Smart Factory Logistics to automate your B- and C-parts management and providing real-time data from your work cells and supermarket using the Internet of Things.

Starting with Systems

We can start the transformation of your facility with these productivity boosts:

·         Bossard Code works with your existing logistics system by putting barcodes or QR codes on your existing bins and containers. When you need to reorder, you can scan the code through the ARIMS Mobile App on your smartphone and place a replenishment order. Real-time order status appears on the app.

·         SmartCard puts RFID cards to work with your existing logistical systems. When a product is out of stock, you throw the RFID card into an electronic mailbox, which triggers a reorder.

·         SmartBin uses a container that is attached to a weight sensor. When the stock level falls below a specified weight, the SmartBin sends a replenishment order automatically.

·         SmartLabel Cloud consists of the modular SmartLabel, which sits on any of your bins and containers. The easy-to-read e-paper display shows all relevant product information, such as the name and ID number. When the quantity runs low, push a button to place an order. The display then shows the delivery date, order quantity, and order status, which are updated in real-time.

·         SmartBin Cloud integrates the two previous technologies into one encompassing system. The SmartBin automates ordering when the weight sensor detects that the stock level has fallen. The SmartLabel, which is attached to the bin, displays all relevant product and ordering information.

·         SmartLocker secures your high-value items in an intelligent cabinet. It allows access only if you’re authorized by an RFID card. It automatically transmits all inventory and ordering information to the ARIMS dashboard.

Putting It Together

The ARIMS platform streamlines your supplier base by integrating all your suppliers.  It helps you coordinate both the material and information flow from a single point of contact. You benefit from a more efficient workflow, full transparency, and improved predictability. Make better decisions about your supply chain by analyzing big data in real-time.


Access your data on the go.  Get real-time data anywhere with the ARIMS Mobile app on tablet or smartphone. Manage your inventory, check orders, and analyze intelligent analytics on the factory floor, in the warehouse, or wherever else you are.




Smart Factory Logistics to Know Your Parts Usage and Not be Caught Unprepared by
May 20, 2022

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