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How To Integrate Pick-by-Light and Put-to-Light Technology in Your Last Mile Logistics

Last Mile Management takes charge of the milk run: the process of bringing B- and C-parts from a central storage area to the work cells where they can be used for production. To make this part of the supply chain more efficient, Last Mile Management encourages the quickest flow of materials through the use of Pick-by-Light and Put-to-Light solutions from Bossard. These functions form part of the SmartBin and SmartLabel systems in Smart Factory Logistics and are integrated by the ARIMS platform.


Last Mile Management starts the milk run by generating a digital pick list in the ARIMS Mobile App so that the employee can take the list to the warehouse or assembly area. When the run starts, the App lists the required material and activates the Pick-to-Light function: an LED lights up in the SmartBin or SmartLabel, so the employee knows where to get the material from the storage area.

If several materials are involved, the LEDs light up sequentially to show how to get the items in the most efficient order. As soon the employee acknowledges the pick-up, the LED of the next material lights up.

This function eliminates errors and speeds up picking.


Put-to-Light comes into play after the employee picks the material and brings it to the work cells. The ARIMS Mobile App lists the box that must be refilled and activates the Pick-to-Light function. An LED lights up on the SmartBin or SmartLabel, so the employee knows which box to fill and does not spend valuable time searching.

This function speeds up finding boxes and eliminates misplaced materials, which makes putting materials into work cells more efficient and less time-consuming.

Smart Factory Logistics

Smart Factory Logistics is a Bossard innovation that contains the following physical systems.

  • SmartLabel attaches to an existing container and displays information about the contents including, name, ID number, real-time order status, and date. The push of a button initiates refill orders.
  • SmartBin is a container with a built-in weight sensor that monitors its stock levels. When the stock goes down to a specified level, the SmartBin orders a refill automatically.

Both components can incorporate LEDs for the Pick-to-Light and Put-by-Light functions. They do not require a power source since they operate on batteries that can last as long as five years. They communicate with the rest of your smart factory, such as the ARIMS platform, and Bossard through the SmartLabel Cloud and SmartBin Cloud.

You can keep track of and manage these systems using the ARIMS interactive digital platform, which works on a desktop or portable personal device that you can take to the warehouse. It lets you monitor your stock in real-time and analyze orders, deliveries, and location with reports that can be exported to other software.

More Information

If you want more information on how Pick-by- and Put-to-Light can work for your application or are considering Smart Factory Logistics for your business, please contact your local Bossard agent.




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February 18, 2022

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