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What Exactly is IoT? The Internet of Things Explained

“Internet of Things” is a phrase you’ve probably heard before – and you’ll hear it more often as the world becomes more interconnected than ever before. With that interconnected world comes new ways to utilize technology, from the ordinary devices in your everyday life to the processes your organization relies on.

Whether it’s the thermostat in your home, the smartwatch you wear every day, or the sensors your car relies on for diagnostic information – all of these things are Internet of Things examples. The Internet of Things definition is a network of internet-connected devices that communicate with one another seamlessly. Different devices can collect and share data while giving users smarter control over the devices they regularly use.

How the Internet of Things Relate to Industry 4.0

IoT takes a prominent role within the Fourth Industrial Revolution or “Industry 4.0.” Industry 3.0 introduced the electronic tools and technologies that paved the way for smart production. Industry 4.0 makes the most of those advancements while offering many of its own, from cloud computing and artificial intelligence to advanced robotics and 3D printing.

So, where exactly does IoT fit into this picture? With the help of big data, machine learning, and AI, IoT technology can help your organization gain greater insights. This can lead to vast improvements in productivity and a reduction in operating costs. Streamlined workflows, process automation, and pattern visualization are just some of the benefits that IoT lets you unleash throughout your supply chain, for instance.

How We Can Help

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February 05, 2021

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