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Internet of Things in Manufacturing

Staying competitive in a constantly changing environment means finding new and more innovative ways to remain ahead of the curve. Advancements in both current and up-and-coming technologies, spurred on by the Digital Revolution, have led to innovations that make Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things possible.

Bringing Emerging Technologies Together

The recent push towards the Internet of Things isn’t just happening on the consumer front. IoT is also taking a more prominent role in the manufacturing industry, leading to a transformation in the industrial space. However, many of the technologies central to Industrial IoT integration have emerged separately, leading to disjointed progress on the industrial front.

However, there are efforts underway to promote compatible technologies capable of generating and utilizing universal data. One example of IoT integration includes enhanced communications with technicians in the field and line-side workers to help with guidance and troubleshooting. This makes it possible to communicate and assist across vast geographic areas under multi-location manufacturing scenarios.

Other Internet of Things manufacturing examples include:

  • Machine-level energy consumption metrics to promote enhanced efficiency
  • Machine data analytics with instant availability from any location at any given moment
  • RFID signals and radar detection for monitoring inventory consumption and availability
  • Real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance with alerts and notifications

Exploring Opportunities with Bossard

The Internet of Things and smart manufacturing can open a variety of doors depending on the goals you wish to achieve and the processes you’re working to improve. Some opportunities offer wide-ranging applications one can take advantage of while others are more limited in scope and usability. The experts at Bossard can highlight which paths offer the most productivity and efficiency improvements, allowing your company to move forward with its production and supply chain needs.

Contact us today at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com to see how you can transform your manufacturing facilities into smart factories.

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February 12, 2021

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