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The Next Big Thing in the Product Design Process

The fasteners used in your product are critical and can’t be understated. They literally hold your product and/or process together. As such, it only makes sense to design your product focusing on the fasteners from the very beginning. Fortunately, you have a team of experience, support, and guidance at Bossard.

As the leading name in fasteners and fastening technologies, Bossard offers decades of in-depth knowledge on different assembly methodologies, technical resources, and fastening joints. Regardless of the application, we will work to create fasteners and solutions that are the ultimate game-changer for your success. Let’s take a closer look at how Bossard can help elevate your new product development strategy.

Better Design + Better Development = Better Products

We get it — designing a high-quality, safe product while facing increasing competition and time constraints is a challenge. And while the functionality of a fastener may seem to be trivial, the requirements are especially demanding.

The Bossard Expert Design team can help elevate the quality of your product with materials recommendations and optimized conditions for assembly. On the other hand, we can assist with advanced prototyping based on our extensive knowledge of CAD big data and 3D prototyping. When you partner with Bossard, you’ll be privy to a unique suite of benefits and advantages:

  • Superior in-place costs: select the most ideal fastening design.
  • Reduced cost of production with streamlined, faster assembly processes.
  • Lowered life cycle costs from having the best quality of fastener from the beginning.

Access Assembly Technology Expert

Bossard application engineers are full of process optimization, continuous innovation, and efficiency knowledge. When you partner with us, you’ll open the door to each of these factors to gain a competitive edge in manufacturing.

The Bossard Three-Stage Methodology

Using an innovative three-stage methodology centered around slashing costs and reducing production time, we guide each project from product concept to production.

  1. From the beginning, we incorporate a focus on fastening joints to ensure perfect products.
  2. We will work to fine-tune your fastening process to perfection with proven methodologies, smart sensors, and industrial analytics.
  3. At Bossard, we believe in sharing our expert knowledge with those we serve. We are proud to be experts in the science of fastening.

Assembly Technology Expert Services

From beginning to end, our Assembly Technology Expert specialists will work to help you achieve the most intelligent solution for all fastening challenges. A few key services we offer include:

Ready to learn more? Contact Bossard today at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.







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October 08, 2021

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