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Fasteners for Train Bogie Design

Bossard is a leader in fastening solutions for an array of industries, including railway applications. As a leader in the industry, we offer a range of solutions engineered for the reliability, high speed, and promptness required to help make trains operate faster and more economically.

Because we understand the necessary trends and requirements of the industry, we have the proven ability to provide fasteners that meet or exceed the highest safety and quality standards. We provide solutions that help increase efficiency and productivity. We offer exclusive fastening solutions for all parts of any railway system, including

  • Supply Units
  • Rail Vehicle Body
  • Bogie
  • Energy Supply
  • Interior

Let’s take a closer look at key fastener solutions offered for the bogie.

Key Requirements for Bogie Fastening Solutions

No matter the type or size of the train, the chassis or framework that carries the wheel set is a critical component. The primary requirements of the bogie are operating maintainability, reliability, and traveling comfort throughout the suspension and damping system. In addition to several other desirable attributes, bogie fasteners must be:

  • Resistant to extreme temperature changes
  • Vibration-proof
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Able to maintain clamp force of assembly

Bossard Offers Tailored Bogie Fastening Systems

Bossard offers a range of different fastening systems and solutions for the bogie. Some of our top bogie fastening systems are listed below.

Bogie Lock Washers

Bogie lock washers are designed to deliver exceptional security through friction and mechanical locking. Our bogie lock washers are:

  • Suitable for coated and sensitive surfaces
  • Boast no loosening and minimal loss of pretension force
  • Ribbed for higher resistance to vibrations
  • Designed to avoid surface damage while tightening

Bogie Hex Head Locking Screws

Our bogie hex head locking screws feature a cross-functional design with a serrated flange. Key attributes include:

  • Will not unscrew or become loose
  • A serrated, cross-functional washer that is integrated into the flange
  • Prevents the likelihood of forgetting safety washers
  • Prevents the possibility of using the wrong orientation

Bogie Wedge Locking Washers

Bossard’s bogie wedge locking washers have a unique self-locking design through tension. Features include:

  • High retention of the clamp load
  • Easy and quick dismantling and installation
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Excellent resistance to vibration
  • Maximized safety against loosening

Bogie Tension Control Bolts

Our bogie tension control bolts ensure the cost-efficient installation of high-strength pre-loaded bolts. These key fasteners offer:

  • A safe tightening process because of a high-level clamp load
  • Innovative anti-corrosion protection that is designed to accept paint
  • Delivers consistent tension even in a high-vibration environment

Connecting the Railway Industry to Better Solution

At Bossard, our engineers specialize in advising clients on the best fastening solution, specific material requisitions, and innovative developments. In the event the most ideal solution doesn’t exist, we will work closely with you to develop one that best meets your needs.

Contact Bossard today at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.





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