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The Case for the ecosyn®-drill Self-Drilling Screws

Providing effective solutions to your fastening challenges is our bread and butter at Bossard. Our innovative solutions come standard, ensuring almost certain success no matter what your challenge might be.

One of Bossard’s crowning achievements is the ecosyn®-drill self-drilling screw. These screws are designed for optimum use with aluminum and galvanized steel with a hardness of HV 125 (420 N/mm2). Manufactured from case-hardened steel, these ecosyn®-drill self-drilling screws use their drill bit point to produce their own hole in which the threads dig in for a tight bond.

The biggest advantage of using ecosyn®-drill self-drilling screws is that no drilling or thread-cutting tools are required. These screws can be fastened quickly and efficiently without the use of a plot hole, resulting in substantial savings of up to 50 percent compared to drilling and tapping a hole.

The drill point is a special form which eliminates the common problem of drifting around the surface of the component before drilling commences. There is no need to center punch the drilling point with these self-drilling screws.

There are several application areas that are best suited to the ecosyn®-drill screws:
• Sheet metal construction
• Heating and ventilation ducts
• Household machines
• Vehicle body construction
• Window frames and blinds
• Façade construction
• Green-house frames

To lower costs and boost your savings, there is no better alternative on the market. To learn more about the ecosyn®-drill self-drilling screws or inquire about other innovative fastening solutions, contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

The Case for the ecosyn®-drill Self-Drilling Screws by
April 10, 2015

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