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Why Use SmartBolts?

Last year Bossard proudly partnered with Stress Indicators, Inc., an engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in producing unique visual indicating devices.

One of the products manufactured by Stress Indicators, Inc. are SmartBolts. SmartBolts are fasteners with a visual indication system, and the benefits of such a product are enormous.

Necessitated by the inability to measure tension in an application, torque has been relied upon to determine the proper preload when installing a fastener.

This is where SmartBolts come in. Benefitting from a unique visual indication system embedded into the head of the fastener that measures tension rather than torque, SmartBolt products eliminate the need to assume certain factors in the bolted joint’s environment.

With SmartBolts, guess work when determining joint preload with torque is no longer part of the equation. By measuring tension with the use of SmartBolts products, not only are you achieving an accurate and secure joint, but you are also able to do so while expending a minimal amount of time, in addition to saving on maintenance costs and increasing safety in the work area.

Fastener and nut size, lubrication and the presence of rust are all factors that can have an influence when using torque to measure joint security. SmartBolts offers an alternative to this by directly indicating tension, offering a solution that is independent of those previously mentioned factors. With SmartBolts, a solid connection is more than assured.

Using torque specifications for fasteners can be limiting because it accounts for one coefficient of friction. This leaves no ability for adjustments for changes in friction. Direct Tension Indicating (DTI) SmartBolts eliminate possible nut factor variations, including but not limited to changes in lubrication, surface finish or the mere presence of a foreign material.

To learn more about the innovative line of SmartBolts products that Bossard has to offer, contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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April 17, 2015

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