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Benefits of ecosyn®-fix Screws

Innovation is a part of Bossard’s DNA, and our development of high-quality fastening solutions is excellent proof of that. With the goal of turning challenges into opportunities, Bossard has made a name for itself by offering effective and efficient products that fulfill customer’s needs.

The ecosyn®-fix screw is but one fastening innovation that Bossard has to offer.

This machine screw, complete with an integrated conical washer, was designed to replace the need for multiple fastening elements – flat washer and split lock washer combinations – and instead provide a single solution. Specifically, the ecosyn®-fix screw was created for holding printed circuit boards in small and major appliances, along with sheet metal applications to vehicle construction, household appliances and electronic equipment.

When properly tightened, the ecosyn-fix is vibration resistant due to the spring action of the conical shaped head. The large washer face excels at reducing damage to the surface of components by spreading out the clamp-force.  “Spreading out the clamp-force” is what makes ecosyn-fix an ideal candidate for softer materials.

The contact surface under the head also provides a large area to increase friction and inherently prevents vibrational loosening.

In addition to cost-savings from replacing the standard screw/spring washer/flat washer assembly, the ecosyn®-fix screw also presents cost-saving opportunities in inventory management. Fewer fasteners to stock and assemble improve overall assembly time in production. The ecosyn®-fix screw is also well suited for bowel feeding in automated assembly tools.

Bossard takes steps to ensure the quality of such fastening solutions, so that customers can take comfort in using products that are safe, effective and economical. The ecosoyn®-fix screw is but one of the brilliant ecosyn® products available from Bossard. For more information about the benefits of ecosyn®-fix screws or to discuss other fastening products and solutions, contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

Benefits of ecosyn®-fix Screws by
March 06, 2015

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