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Select the Right Fastening Solutions from The Start

Joint failure can be disastrous, particularly if the fastener is holding together two critical pieces of machinery. For example, fatigue may prove insidious because it is slow. A crack may develop slowly in a component that works perfectly for years and then suddenly, the fastener breaks, and the machine it supports collapses.

Avoiding Bolt Failure

Joint failures can be avoided if some basic principles are understood and if the proper fasteners are used. Knowing which strength and finish to select along with using the appropriate tightening method are key factors to ensuring safe designs.

What is the first step to acquiring the necessary knowledge? Bossard’s Expert Education services are the place to start.

We believe that customers like you should become experts in fastening technology. You can then have the knowledge and skills to make decisions at your manufacturing site about what nuts and bolts can improve the quality and safety of your products.


You can achieve Expert Education through different learning formats that are tailored to your needs:

  • These live programs reveal relevant fastening topics by mixing theory and practice. After interactive learning, you gain hands-on experience. You can join one of our public seminars unless you prefer that we set up a customized private program only for your company employees.
  • If seminars seem too distant or inconvenient to attend or set up, we can show you short learning sequences that you can conveniently take at your desk.
  • E-learning. The most convenient option lets you learn about fastening technology whenever you have time through self-study. You can learn everything from related standards to fastener anatomy and function.

What You Gain

You gain the following benefits from our services:

  • Knowledge about assembly technology and how to pick fasteners when designing your products.
  • How to avoid joint problems like thread galling and hydrogen embrittlement.
  • Safer products that are more economical to produce with the correct bolt choices.
  • Fulfillment of quality standards.
  • Smoother production process.

Fastening Topics

The following are just some of the topics you can learn through our services. Most of them demand a full seminar or webinar to complete. However, each topic can also be broken up into smaller units for e-learning.

  • Anatomy of a Fastener – Covers heads, threads, grades, and finishes as well as manufacturing of fasteners.
  • Fastener Cost Drivers – What makes fasteners so expensive, and what steps can you take to keep costs to a minimum.
  • Plating & Coating – Learn all about common fastener finishes and when to use them along with recent changes in the industry including regulations and new products/trends.
  • Cost-Efficient Assembly – Tips from the experts on good design practices for keeping fastener costs down.
  • Thread Forming Screws for Plastic and Metal – Learn how to save money designing with thread-forming fasteners.
  • Securely Fastened Joints: Keeping Joints Tight – Learn the mechanics of joint loosening and strategies to keep them tight.
  • Securely Fastened Joints: Torque vs. Tension – Learn about the torque/tension relationship and the variables that need to be considered/controlled to ensure solid and safe joint design.




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November 12, 2021

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