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How to Optimize Your Supply Chain Logistics

A key factor for success in a marketplace that is quickly changing is improving your logistics processes. We offer Smart Factory Logistics that will optimize your production and manufacturing while reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Using the Internet of Things, we can manage your B- and C-parts. You can begin with simple logistics management solutions and then move on to a fully automated supply chain.

Logistics Solutions

You can get started by automatically tracking inventory levels and replenishing stock with the following Smart systems.

  • SmartLabel Cloud. This solution uses an intelligent label that can be stuck to existing inventory management systems, like containers or bins. The label displays all needed product information, quantity, real-time order status, and delivery date. When stock is running low at the point of use, workers can push a button to place an order, which is automatically and wirelessly transmitted to your supplier. When the new stock arrives at the container, another button push confirms the refill.
  • SmartBin Cloud. SmartLabel Cloud is combined with SmartBin flex, which is comprised of a box with weight sensors for transmitting current stock levels. When that level goes down to a certain point, the system automatically places an order. Because the SmartBin flex is wireless, it can be installed on the factory floor or anywhere else. It can also be installed in trolleys as part of SmartBin mobile or in Kanban pools for SmartBin Classic.
  • It allows you to store high-value items, which can only be accessed by SmartCard holders with the correct permissions. The SmartLocker also automatically transmits refill requests to the ARIMS dashboard, as explained later.
  • Combining the original kanban card and RFID tech, this card can become part of any production process. When an item goes out of stock, the production worker can throw the RFID card into an electronic mailbox, which automatically transmits refill requests.

Interactive Control

An important part of the supply chain optimization process is how you interact with it. ARIMS is Bossard’s interactive platform that lets you track orders, manage inventory, and analyze intelligent reports to make your management of B- and C-parts more efficient and predictable. This digital platform implements Industry 4.0 for your production through the following functions:

  • ARIMS Interactive lets you submit change requests, view the status of existing changes, and customize system parameters.
  • ARIMS Analytics creates reports and other analytics to reveal your orders, deliveries, items, and locations at a glance. You can easily visualize and export tables and graphs, so production data is transparent and always at your fingertips.
  • ARIMS Mobile puts all the functions of ARIMS on Android and iOS devices, so you have full control wherever you are, including the production floor. You can check orders, find your items, and view relevant information in real-time.
How to Optimize Your Supply Chain Logistics by
November 19, 2021

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