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See Your Real-Time Data with SmartBin Cloud

In many ways, standardization enabled the industrial revolution to occur and greatly improve lives around the globe. Standardization of parts and manufacturing processes make it possible to manufacture goods in an efficient manner. It also makes it possible to automate the supply chain to ensure you have the optimal number of materials needed to continue industrial processes. Hence, the SmartBin Cloud inventory and supply system streamlines the entire process.

How the SmartBin Cloud System Works

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the real-time data shared via Wi-fi, Bluetooth, cellular, and other “cloud-based” technologies. As more and more people, organizations, and even computerized equipment go online, the IoT digital transformation grows at an exponential rate and enables real-time data sharing. That data sharing makes it possible for the SmartBin Cloud system to track inventory levels in real-time and send shipments to replenish your supplies before they run out.

The standardized materials used in manufacturing processes include fasteners and other items that are identical in every way. They all have the same shape, size, composition, and weight. This enables a SmartBin Cloud system to constantly weigh a bin after every motion (pick or refill of material) and know exactly how many items are contained within it. When those items reach the point where they need to be replenished, the SmartBin Cloud system has them on the way with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology virtually automating the entire process.

Advantages of the IIoT SmartBin Cloud System

With the SmartBin Cloud system in place, you never have too much or too little of anything. The system always knows exactly how many fasteners and other parts are available and the general rate at which they are used. That means the IIoT system automatically tracks inventory and provides real-time data that helps you to track inventory surplus, potential waste, sudden losses of inventory, and the general way specific items are used.

Real-Time Inventory Management Solutions

Equipment storage systems always suffer from inconsistent delivery systems – until now. With real-time inventory management enabled by IIoT technologies, your operation will never run out of the supplies and materials needed to continue getting work done.

Instead of spending time tracking your inventories, calculating material needs, and ordering them in hopes of obtaining them in time, the SmartBin Cloud system does all of that automatically and with an especially high degree of accuracy. You get the parts and materials that you need before you need them to help ensure your continued productivity.

Interested in SmartBin Cloud and how it could transform your production facility and lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? Email us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com to learn more.





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August 13, 2021

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