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Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership with SmartLabel Cloud

Logistics is the key to ensuring things are where they need to be when you need them the most. Otherwise, everything comes to an abrupt halt. When referring to manufacturing processes, logistics can greatly impact the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The SmartLabel Cloud system does its best to ensure the Total Cost of Ownership is as low as possible to increase profit margins and productivity alike.

How the SmartLabel Cloud System Works

During the daily production cycle, your workers and inventory staff have a good idea of which materials are on hand versus how many are needed to continue work unabated. Whether the supply is a range of fasteners that you could order by the thousands or very large pieces that you order in much smaller quantities, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) makes it possible to automate the entire system and greatly improve workplace efficiency while lowering the Total Cost of Ownership.

When a worker or inventory specialist sees a particular item is running low and needs replenishment, the worker or specialist can press a button to automatically order a standardized quantity. The item is on its way in as little as a few minutes and arrives before you need it and experience disruptions in your supply chain or work productivity.

Real-Time Data on Deliveries

When your must-have materials are on their way, the SmartLabel Cloud system provides immediate tracking data. You know the time when the product left the supply warehouse, where it is currently, and the expected time of arrival. When those products are critically important to maintaining production, the ability to know exactly where they are and when you will receive them enables you to continue production without fear of shutting down due to a lack of supplies or materials to continue doing exceptional work.

Fast Storage and Implementation

Because the SmartLabel Cloud system uses the IIoT to communicate real-time data to clients, clients always are prepared to receive the shipments and work them into production right away. You have virtually no waste and a much-reduced need for warehouse storage space, or the labor needed to manage it.

Total Cost of Ownership becomes competitively low and could give you a significant advantage over direct competitors in the same market. When you can get materials quickly, on time, and with virtually no waste, you ultimately have a terrific advantage.

Would you like to learn more about SmartLabel Cloud and see how utilizing this technology in your facility can greatly impact your productivity? Email us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.





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Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership with SmartLabel Cloud by
August 20, 2021

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