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Fasteners for Battery Design for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are changing the face of modern transportation as we know it. As more consumers adopt electric vehicle technology for their everyday use, emerging market players are in the constant pursuit of innovation and refinement. Knowing how to design an electric vehicle (EV) requires careful consideration of what goes into one. Including right down to the type of fasteners used to keep it all together.

At Bossard, we understand the challenges that go into EV battery module design. The increased use of lightweight materials demands fastener solutions that meet and exceed the demands of their unique tasks and environments. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to help you achieve the highest safety and quality standards for your specific application.

We offer fasteners with the battery design for electric vehicles in mind.

Embedding and Surface Bonding Fasteners

These intelligent fasteners offer reliable mounting in soft and composite materials. Capable of being surfaced mounted with adhesive or completely embedded into the application material, these fasteners offer high torque and tear-out strength in composite materials as well as invisible integration.

Threaded Inserts for Thermoplastic Housings

Designed for use in thin materials including thermoset and thermoplastic materials, these highly versatile fasteners offer a strong yet lightweight solution for battery fastening.

Clinching Fasteners

Designed with ease of installation in mind, these fasteners are suitable for metallic materials including stainless steel panels and coated surfaces. In addition to having high torque out and pull-out resistance, clinching fasteners also offer no recutting of threads.

Multifunctional Screws

With their simple yet reliable design, these fasteners help reduce processing times without any compromises in quality and efficiency. In applications requiring automated assembly, our multifunctional screw solutions stand out for their capability and durability.


These fasteners offer additional protection against corrosion, preventing moisture and other harmful materials from interacting with battery assemblies and components. The sealing elements are directly applied onto the fastener, thereby reducing the number of parts required while providing a protective edge on work surfaces.

Nut and Washer Assemblies

These pre-assembled fasteners can help companies save time and reduce costs. Even under conditions where temperature changes are common, our nut and washer assemblies will help maintain their clamp loads.

SEMS Screws

Our pre-assembled screw bolt and washer combinations are ideal for use in fastening busbar assemblies. SEMS screws feature flat washers to prevent damaging and embedding into soft materials like copper and conical washers to prevent clamp load losses in applications where temperature fluctuations are the norm.

Innovation in the EV sector involves more than just battery technology. Email us today at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com to learn more about our fastener solutions for electric vehicles.





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August 27, 2021

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