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Learn More About Assembly Technology with Bossard Expert Education

Although fasteners may form a small part of your manufacturing process, their successful use has a big effect on how your product hangs together in your customer’s eyes. Learn all that you can about fastening technology through Expert Education, a major part of our Assembly Technology Expert services. We customize our training sessions to your application and business.


The following are some of the training formats available:

  • Seminars. Our live seminars combine both lectures on theory and practical workshops to teach fastening topics. You can join scheduled public sessions or have us develop a customized seminar for your employees held at your location.
  • Webinars. This option maximizes convenience by giving you short learning sequences that you can view at your desk or home when you have free time.
  • E-Learning. We’ve developed an Internet-based platform that allows you to go through a wide range of fastening information by self-studying at your own pace.


While we can cover any fastener information during our sessions, the following are some of our most popular topics. They are available both as public seminars or personalized to your needs.

  • Basic Introduction to Fasteners. All about fastening elements and how to choose the best ones. Why do DIN, ISO, and A2 matter?
  • Technical Introduction to Fasteners. How bolted joints work and how they’re affected by assembly tooling. Discover the mechanical properties of fasteners, how to prevent corrosion, and how multinational fasteners affect costs.
  • Securely Fastened Joints. Designing and defining a bolted joint to optimize quality and lower the Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Corrosion. Reducing or avoiding corrosion on any joint with the correct materials, design, and coatings.
  • Cost Savings. How to save on costs by up to 40 percent by choosing the right fastener.

The following seminars cover the qualifications needs of those involved in fastening technology, according to VDI/VDE 2637 standards.

  • Technical Fastening Competence. Guidelines and standards for the use of fasteners and components.
  • Design of Bolted Joints. How to design joints and choose fasteners for the best tightening methods.
  • Calculation of Bolted Joints. Calculating bolted joints and selecting the correct fasteners for tightening.
  • Innovative Assembly. Evaluating and standardizing tooling used for tightening.

Find out more about our Expert Education options by contacting Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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August 02, 2019

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