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Optimize Your Assembly with Bossard Expert Walk

Our Assembly Technology Expert (ATE) services aim to make your company more competitive by maximizing your use of fasteners and reducing the time to market of any products that depend on them. Derived from the well-known industry techniques Gemba-Walk, Walk-the-Line, and more, Expert Walk is one of the more extensive ATE methodologies.

Together with one or more of your engineers and front-line workers, a Bossard team member walks through your entire manufacturing process to discover what happens during production. As we inspect your assembly lines and workstations, we focus on fastening technologies and how to optimize their processes and tools.


Optimizing how fasteners integrate into your process can lead to time and cost savings when it delivers better products and eliminates waste. Quality goes up when you use the right fasteners and look at more efficient ways to assemble your product. Your productivity goes up even as the cost of production goes down.


To give you the best results, you can choose from three Expert Walk packages that offer different combinations of Analysis, Verification, and Implementation.

  • Basic. This initial package focuses on Analysis. Bossard examines your entire production line is to verify assembly processes and technology, particularly when they involve fasteners. We estimate the potential cost savings of any improvements based on the Total Cost of Ownership, which combines the cost of quality, service, delivery, and price.
  • Advanced. Building on the Basic foundation, this package continues with Verification. It proves that technical improvements are possible while recommending proposals for new and proven solutions. We present a report about these proposals and provide physical examples.
  • Superior. Starting with Basic and Advanced services, this package proceeds with Implementation. It develops a plan with a project team that prioritizes goals. We lead the R&D team during implementation of the proposals, review the results, and lead training both on- and off-site.

Our Expert Walk can be the first step to developing the best solutions for your fastening challenges. Please contact Bossard today at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com to discover how this method can work for your company.

Optimize Your Assembly with Bossard Expert Walk by
July 26, 2019

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