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Leankeasy – The Blind Rivet Bolt

Prepare to meet the 3rd generation assembly process fastener that is going to change your manufacturing processes. Requiring no investment in equipment, Leankeasy is a game-changing innovation that represents a significant source of cost savings in the assembly process. With an easy implementation and setting process, this is almost too good to be true.

This one piece – a rivet nut and fastener called the “Blind Rivet Bolt” – simplifies the installation process by taking the place of weld nuts, cage nuts, self-clinching nuts and blind rivet nuts. By offering a setting process in one single step, your assembly time and required tooling is decreased.

1st generation bolts – consisting of a standard nut and screw – represent a lower cost because they are manufactured in the billions, but the cost to set the bolt is about 10 times more than the manufacturing of the actual bolt itself.

2nd generation fasteners have become more popular than their predecessors. These fasteners utilize the nuts and bolts separately, but help prepare the metal sheet support by setting a threaded component before the assembly is completed. In addition to specific setting equipment, these fasteners also require relevant adjustment and monitoring.

The trade-off is that the cost is higher for these components, but the assembly process is time saving.

In comparison to the two previous generations, Leankeasy is a single, ready-to-set, factory preassembled component that consists of both a screw and a blind rivet nut. By combining the crimping of the nut and screwing of the screw into the same step, it simplifies the process significantly.

To turn a 2- or 3-step process into a 1-step process, choose Leankeasy and never look back.

For more information about Leankeasy or how it could streamline your manufacturing process and save you a significant amount of costs, contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

Leankeasy – The Blind Rivet Bolt by
June 12, 2015

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