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Cost Saving Through Better Development

The engineers at Bossard are, in the simplest of terms, problem solvers. With extensive knowledge of the development, design, production and assembly processes associated with fasteners, our application engineers are well positioned to provide customers with excellent service.

With that being said, involving our engineers during the development stage of a new product is of paramount importance, and could make a world of difference in terms of cost savings. As knowledgeable as our experts might be, their ability to effectively support your search for more efficient fasteners and processes is limited when they are brought in late in the process.

By making an effort to include one of our engineers during the initial development phase of your new product, our specialists can help choose the right fastening solution from the very beginning, ensuring the lowest total in place cost. By achieving a faster assembly process, we can also help lower your production costs and reduce the life cycle cost as a result of having the right quality from the start.

Our ultimate goal is not to sell the customer more fasteners but rather supply the customer more efficient fasteners. Part of how we accomplish that is by identifying areas where the product range and coatings can be optimized to reduce the variety of parts or where the use of multifunctional parts might be more efficient and cost effective.

Once we become involved in the development of your product or process, we can then recommend specific materials and optimized conditions for assembly lead. By doing so, your product costs are better optimized and there is a permanent and significant increase in the quality of the end product.

To speak with one of our application engineers about the development of a new product, contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

Cost Saving Through Better Development by
June 19, 2015

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