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Applications for bigHead® in the Marine Industry

Strong, simple and secure – bigHead® fasteners are the perfect fastening solution for the marine industry. Boat builders, in particular, would be well served to take notice of the benefits and advantages that bigHead® fastening solutions offer.

bigHead® fixings are high load-bearing and work well with glass-reinforced plastic, carbon fiber and other composite materials. In addition to that, bigHead® also offers a wide range of standard and custom designs to fit customer design and assembly needs.

These fasteners are simple and versatile, with an emphasis on saving time and effort. bigHead® fasteners can be surface bonded with structural adhesive or fully embedded in the composite material, which can include fiber composites, fiber glass, carbon fiber, molding compounds, foam plastics, elastomers, rubbers, and laminated timber.

Chief among the benefits of using bigHead® fasteners is the fact that they are made of grade 316 stainless steel, which is perfect for withstanding the most severe marine environments. bigHead® fasteners are also available in base zinc plated steel.

bigHead® fasteners have been used for insulation blankets, inflatable fabrics, and in headlining structures for lightweight panels.

The standard process for fixing insulation blankets has been a time-consuming procedure in the marine sector, but with bigHead® insulation nails or pins, the process is streamlined. The nail or pin locks the insulation blanket into position with a spring clip, keeping the insulation blankets securely in position.

This is but one example of how bigHead® fasteners have become an innovative solution in the marine industry, proving to be a simpler and easier alternative.

For further questions or inquiries related to bigHead® and applications in the marine industry, contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

Applications for bigHead® in the Marine Industry by
June 05, 2015

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