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How the SFC Koenig Expander Sealing Plug Can Save You Money

Today, finding ways to reduce costs and create efficiencies is more important than ever. Fortunately, the team at Bossard offers a number of innovative solutions designed to help you do just that. And one of our leading solutions is the Koenig Expander Sealing Plug. Across the world, the Koenig-Expander is recognized as a cutting-edge solution for quickly, efficiently, and reliably sealing drilled holes or creating flow control in fluid systems. Let’s take a closer look at how the SFC Koenig Expander sealing plug can save you money. 

The Koenig Expander Tool Offers an Array of Money-Saving Benefits

As the premier solution for reliable and quick sealing of drilled holes, the Koenig Expander tool is uniquely engineered to create efficiencies and save your company money. Here are a few key ways this innovative solution can create savings:

  1. Process reliability in installation. As a world-renowned solution, the Koenig Expander Tool boasts exceptional reliability across all applications. 
  2. Super-efficient setup. Setting up the Koenig Expander tool is easy and is designed to save time, which leads to reduced labor costs.
  3. Available in a vast range of materials. Whether you need marine fasteners or a solution for other applications, the Koenig Expander tool is available in a vast array of materials. And the team at Bossard can help you customize your Koenig Expander to best meet the application requirements. 
  4. Versatility comes standard. The Koenig Expander Sealing Plug is extremely versatile and can be used to meet the requirements for the widest possible range of applications. This universal applicability means it can be used in more ways than one, which can reduce inventory costs and streamline processes. 

A Quick Look at the Koenig Expander Sealing Plug

While the Koenig Expander Sealing Plug is available in an array of materials, they all share one thing in common — exceptional versatility. No matter the substrate, the Koenig Expander works to permanently resist even the most extreme pressures and loads.

  1. Designed for use in base materials of high and low hardness (up to 450 bar pressure), anchorage and expansion of the sleeve in the hole wall in the MB Series is achieved by pressing the ball into the sleeve. 
  2. The CV Series Expander plugs are offered in inch sizes, metric sizes, as well as in different surface treatments and materials. Anchorage and expansion of sleeve in hole wall are also attained by pressing the ball into the sleeve. 
  3. Using the tension/expansion concept, the LK Series is perfect for lower pressure applications (max 60 bar). Once sufficient force is achieved, the expanding element instinctively breaks off at the preset breaking point. 
  4. Suitable for use in high-pressure applications (up to 500 bar) and in light metals, the SK Series also functions based on the tension/expansion concept — where breaking off of the expanding element occurs after achieving sufficient force. 
  5. Suitable for lower pressures, the versatile press-fit and anchoring concept of the LP Series utilizes a conical press-in sleeve. In the installation process, it adapts to the bore while the exterior serration bites into the bore wall.  

The Versatility of the SFC Koenig Expander Tool

The Koenig Expander was originally engineered for use in plugging hydraulic assemblies. Today, this cutting-edge plug is the established and the preferred solution for sealing and flow control in hydraulic systems across a vast expanse of industries and applications, including:

  • Braking systems 
  • Suspension systems
  • Engines
  • Gearboxes
  • Transmission
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Steering systems 

Contact Bossard today to learn more about the Koenig Expander sealing plug. 


How the SFC Koenig Expander Sealing Plug Can Save You Money by
March 11, 2022

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