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Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics Systems Explained

Among the many factors responsible for your success are increasing your productivity and reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Bossard Smart Factory Logistics Systems help you achieve both by taking care of your B- and C-parts management.

Do you want to implement just-in-time inventory at your facility? Our systems and solutions are perfect for getting what you need exactly when you need it. They’re listed below from most conventional to most advanced.


The following logistics systems bring the C-parts you need to the right place at the right time:

Bossard Code puts a bar code on a bin that contains regularly used items. When the number of items falls below a minimum level, you can record the item information and wirelessly send a refill order for the items.

Bossard 2bin relies on two bins filled with parts and placed one in front of the other. When the first bin is empty, it moves to the rear. Bossard then picks up and refills the bin at regular intervals. In the meantime, the second bin, which is still full, moves to the front.


The Bossard SmartCard combines the original Kanban card with RFID technology. This makes it easy to fit into any kind of production process. Once an item is out of stock, an employee puts the RFID Kanban card into an electronic mailbox, which then transmits the refill request to Bossard.


Store your most valuable items and consumables in the Bossard SmartLocker. SmartLocker is an intelligent and fully automated inventory control system. Only those with the correct RFID codes can access the high-value items. When supplies run low, the SmartLocker informs you via ARIMS, the Interactive Supply Chain Platform of Bossard.


Because it integrates a weight sensor, the SmartBin continuously transmits its current inventory levels. Bossard can then automatically deliver refills based on this information. Three versions are available:

  • SmartBin Classic works with centralized and decentralized Kanban pools.
  • SmartBin Mobile relies on mobile trolleys that contain wireless communication and battery power so that you can roll the collection of C-parts to the necessary location.
  • SmartBin Flex packs all the technology into a self-contained bin. You can then put this bin wherever you need it, even at the point of use.

SmartLabel Cloud

By attaching SmartLabel Cloud to any container in your warehouse, you can avoid disrupting your existing infrastructure while upgrading B- and C-part management. SmartLabel Cloud shows you the product image, important product information, real-time order status, and delivery date. When users need to order replacements, all they must do is push a button.

SmartBin Cloud

SmartBin Cloud is the newest supply chain technology from Bossard. It combines our proven SmartBin system with our latest SmartLabel technology, SmartLabel Cloud.

SmartBin Cloud updates your stock and order information instantly using a motion-triggered weight sensor. Anytime your bin is picked or refilled, your data is updated. It also uses IIoT communication so integration into your factory is seamless.

To see how Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics can improve your productivity, contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com today.

Calculate the total cost of ownership at your organization – use our TCO calculator to see what your potential savings could be!



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November 29, 2019

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