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Operating and Control Elements for Your Application

Bossard wants to improve your productivity by providing Smart Factory Logistics, act as your Assembly Technology Expert, and deliver product solutions that address every fastening challenge. We have over 200,000 catalog products. To make it more convenient for you to find the right solutions, we have recently released a catalog excerpt containing about 5,000 operating and control elements. This excerpt contains the following categories:

  • Handwheels and Handles for manually adjusting equipment and controlling access to compartments through solid handwheels or cover crank handles with or without cylindrical handles that are either fixed or can fold away.
  • Clamping Knobs to help with grip or secure components through lobes, texturing, or knurling, and in wing, star, cross, and three-star nuts or screws.
  • Clamping and Tension Levers to hold or secure elements manually. They may use adjustable handles and may release tension through a button-push.
  • Handles to ease movement or adjustments of machinery by providing a handhold. They may be cylindrical, plain spherical, or mushroom knobs, or may be T, bridge, or cylindrical handles.
  • Control Elements let you control functions by maximizing your grip through knurling or by revealing adjustment gradations using numbered dividing marks.
  • Leveling Elements help ensure that equipment remains level even if the surface they are resting on is not. Optional rubber inserts can prevent slipping.
  • Indexing and Positioning Elements let you adjust elements efficiently and quickly. They include indexing handles, ball-lock pins, index plungers, ball-ended thrust screws, and spring and lateral plungers.
  • Hinges allow elements such as doors and lids to move and include free-swinging variants that contain threaded studs or inserts, or through holes.

The quickest way to get this catalog is to download it to your PC as a PDF file. You can navigate immediately to the category you want by clicking the link in the table of contents.

Beyond this range of products, we also deliver over 10,000 customized solutions. We can provide the exact elements you need through joint development or drawings that you produce. For more information, please contact your local Bossard unit.

Operating and Control Elements for Your Application by
November 22, 2019

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