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Advantages of Bossard Kitting and Assembly Services

If you’re still dealing with individual fasteners, cabling, and other components, you’re aware of how much time and energy is necessary to pick through and organize each piece so that it can fit into assembly operations.

Saving Time and Energy

You can avoid such cumbersome practices through two related strategies:

  • Kitting puts together related pieces, such as a nut, washer, and bolt, into one set. Each piece is still deducted from inventory.
  • Assembly arranges all the pieces of a kit into one item for shipping. For example, the nut, washer, and bolt ship as one fastener product.


Incorporating kitting and assembly into your manufacturing process offers several advantages:

  • Products can be mass-customized with different options and variations, allowing for greater flexibility when changes are necessary.
  • Grouping individual pieces together enhances our commitment to lot integrity. We track customer Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) from raw material and works-in-progress to all related kits and assemblies.
  • By following SKU rationalization to keep, add, or remove pieces from a kit, we can balance supply and demand within the product. By combining the many SKUs of individual pieces into one kit with one SKU, you only have to check the one SKU. Lead times go down and costs drop.
  • Optimizing automated production systems help produce kits that can meet customer demand.
  • Your field engineers receive upgrades and repair kits with pieces that are already packaged and organized. They do not have to spend precious time sorting and looking for necessary components. Because all necessary pieces are already packaged in the kit, there’s no chance of a repair delay because someone forgot to bring a small and rarely used item.

Want to know more about how kitting and assembly can benefit you? Contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com for more information.

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December 06, 2019

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