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Why You Should Optimize Your Last Mile Management

When reviewing supply chain management, it’s often discouraging that the last leg of the supply chain, moving materials from central storage locations to the work cells, is often the least efficient part of the shipping process. That’s why we’ve developed Last Mile Management—a simple solution for internal logistics.

Last Mile fully supports the milk run / water spider employee by efficiently carrying out their material flow in a time-saving manner for maximum productivity and less hassle. This method allows your business to benefit from intuitive and paperless instructions for setup and replenishment, shorter paths and full transparency.

Last Mile Benefits

Our replenishment process has been optimized by experts to create a seamless and cost-effective method of transportation.

Last Mile gives you real-time consumption data for each individual work cell and optimizes material flow and reduction of movements in internal logistics. We utilize semi- and fully-automated digital technologies to determine shorter order and delivery times; this ensures a highly reliable and efficient process. The Last Mile method also provides flexibility in reconfigurations.

Notable Features

Last Mile consists of several essential features that all come together to make the system run smoothly. This management method utilizes electronic demand requests, a mobile app for a paperless process, integration of all articles, as well as configurable work cells and customizable route definition for your convenience.

How it Works

Using a semi- or fully-automated system, a demand request is triggered at the work cell. The request is then transmitted online to the Bossard software ARIMS, where it is automatically added to the digital picking list. This digital list ensures the needed materials can be efficiently picked at the supermarket, pre-assembly, warehouse, etc. Finally, the milk run / water spider receives a route plan to replenish the work cells. Last Mile guarantees the final route plan is path-optimized, paperless, reliable and time-saving.

Optimize your Last Mile Management with Bossard’s results-driven process for a smoother, more resourceful shipping procedure that saves your business both time and money. For more information, check out www.bossard.com or contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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July 06, 2018

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