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Using DELTA PT® in Thermoplastics

If you’re in need of a reliable direct fastening thermoplastics screw guaranteed to provide calculable extra performance, look no further than DELTA PT®.


This strong but flexible screw is the result of many years of experience in direct fastening into thermoplastics. Through much study and practice, Bossard is now able to offer a high-quality product designed to make fastening jobs not only easier, but more cost effective.

The DELTA PT® screw offers many advantages when it comes to choosing a fastener for plastics. Due to its narrow flank angle, this screw minimizes radial stress, allowing unimpeded material flow and reducing heat buildup. This reduces the likelihood of costly damage to the plastic and ensures product quality will not be compromised.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of DELTA PT® is its unbeatable strength while still being flexible enough to keep the surface pressure low. Its optimized thread pitch enhances vibration resistance, consequently increasing the service life of the joint. DELTA PT® screws boast a high tensile strength, as well as a high torsional strength, meaning they are capable of withstanding stretch while still maintain great torque strength.

When using DELTA PT®, driving speed should be between 300-800 rpm and can be used with both air and electrical powered screwdrivers. They can be used in automated assembly, but should be specially defined and produced to meet the automated assembly quality.

For more information on DELTA PT®, contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

Using DELTA PT® in Thermoplastics by
February 08, 2019

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