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Understand the Background of Assembly Technology Expert Now

When you develop a prototype, you consider every component and process. You want the final product to meet or exceed your well-considered specifications while getting to market as quickly as possible. Efficiency, process optimization, and continuous innovation help develop your competitive edge.

To assist in implementing these strategies with your fasteners, we’ve introduced our Assembly Technology Expert (ATE) services. The services can help reduce costs and cut production time. They focus on educating you on the science of fastening, boosting product design by improving joint assembly, and optimizing the fastening process.

Take Advantage

To advance these goals, you can take advantage of the following ATE services:

  • Expert Education. Become an expert in fastening technology by attending training sessions customized to your operations. Discover the engineering principles, applications, and assembly technologies needed to integrate fasteners into your production process.
  • Expert Design. Focusing on fasteners at the start of product design can change the game for your product success. Bossard’s expertise in fastening technology, assembly methods, and technical resources help in choosing the right fastening design, speed up assembly processes to reduce production cost, and lower the life cycle cost with the best fastener quality.
  • Expert Walk. You can reduce cost, optimize assembly, improve quality, and increase productivity by looking at your operations. By walking through your assembly lines, work areas, and fastening elements, you can hone your processes and production tools.
  • Expert Teardown. Build up the unexpected potential of your products by tearing down and looking at their joints and fasteners. We’ll disassemble your creation into its individual components and fasteners. Our technical specialists can then examine every inch, understand functionality, and recommend improvements to quality, reliability, and cost.
  • Expert Test Services. Bossard ensures that your prototype and products meet quality standards through testing in one of our 14 state-of-the-art accredited labs around the world. Our testing facilities have ISO/IEC 17025 certification.

Resources You Can Use

We invite you to gain more information about fasteners and ATE services by exploring our online Technical Information and Tools. Check out our white papers, tables, and articles on fastening technologies, and use our online calculators and converters. You can also contact us through our convenient website form or at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

Understand the Background of Assembly Technology Expert Now by
July 19, 2019

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