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The Screw for Thermoplastics

Material-compatible threads are needed everywhere in day-to-day life. Knowing which screws for thermoplastics and other materials will work best is half the battle. For thermoplastics, accept no substitute for the ecosyn®-plast. With excellent load-bearing capacity, outstanding process capability and high levels of binding safety, ecosyn®-plast is the perfect solution when it come to thermoplastic binding.

Built to Bind

Working with plastics in the area of binding technology requires specific conditions in assembly – thus the need for ecosyn®-plast. The engineers at Bossard possess a significant amount of practical experience in thermoplastic screwing, cultivated from years of work. Utilizing this knowledge, engineers were able to create a screw that works safely and easily with thermoplastic elements.

Where ecosyn®-plast differs is in comparison to conventional tapping screws. Instead of a 60 degree pointed thread angle, ecosyn®-plast screws have a 30 degree pointed thread angle. Not to mention a smaller core diameter with the same nominal diameter and a large thread pitch.


These specific characteristics are what separate ecosyn®-plast from your average tapping screw, allowing for advantages you wouldn’t find elsewhere. This includes an improved thread load bearing depth, improved material flow, and a smaller radical force, which in turn means a higher load capacity.

ecosyn®-plast screws also have less of a burst effect in single-screw tubes, adding to the list of decisive advantages. There is more material present between thread blanks, ensuring a larger shear cylinder. ecosyn®-plast screws also offer the benefit of improved assembly and binding safety, in large part because of a lower driving torque and higher stripping torque.

When working with thermoplastic elements, the advantages of using ecosyn®-plast screws are clear. For more information about the thread geometry of ecosyn®-plast screws or for more construction or assembly notes, contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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May 15, 2015

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