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Advantages of Bossard’s ecosyn®-lubric Products

Bossard is all about innovation – and our ecosyn® product line is proof of that. Ecosyn®-lubric, in particular, is one to watch out for when it comes to fastening solutions.

Ecosyn®-lubric is essentially a dry coating with outstanding durability and performance data. Non-electrolytically applied, this thin coating boasts integrated lubricating properties and is very effective in protecting against contact corrosion.

In particular, ecosyn®-lubric provides excellent protection against fuels, hydraulic and cleaning solutions, in addition to seizing and galling. ecosyn®-lubric also utilizes organic solid lubricants and fluoropolymers. Optimized and consistent friction coefficients are also a benefit of using these products. With pre-applied lubrication, you will also never have to forget about manual lubrication. This product allows for downsizing of applications and less material requirements for applications as well.

But the most significant benefit of using ecosyn®-lubric is that it is best suited for applications with an emphasis on safety and optimization of costs. Essentially, ecosyn®-lubric is a unique option that is both efficient and cost effective for your operation.

More advantages include high temperature stability, and no impairment of mechanical properties of high strength fastening elements. With ecosyn®-lubric, there is also no danger of hydrogen embrittlement.

In terms of safety, the aforementioned corrosion resistance is a huge benefit, but ecosyn®-lubric also has a very narrow friction scatter for a more precise and consistent preload. If you require repeatable tightening, the durable coating ensures the same conditions throughout.

Ecosyn®-lubric is available in two colors: black and silver.

Considering the current challenges of assembly, ecosyn®-lubric represents a more economical solution – one you can’t ignore. To learn more about the innovative line of ecosyn®-lubric products that Bossard has to offer, contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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May 08, 2015

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