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Why Process Control is Important for Fasteners

Many fastener manufacturers are faced with several different customer requirements or international standards. This leads manufacturers to create sampling plans to detect nonconforming product during mass production or final inspection. There are also several different AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) levels according to batch or lot sizes. Do you think relying on final inspection sampling is the best idea? Even if they choose various samples from multiple bins of the same batch?

Fastener manufacturers are no different than any other industry. Speed, delivery, and quality are key, and most companies have been driving lean methodologies and efficiency tools into manufacturing processes. But does this have a negative impact on quality? Maybe, but most fastener manufacturers do still maintain minimum sampling plans that are fairly aligned with some international standards for mass production.

So what is a good detection method to minimize nonconforming product during the manufacturing process? Contact us through ProvenProductivity@bossard.com, and see what quality processes we encourage Bossard manufacturers to use to ensure quality fasteners for our customers.

Tony Peters

Quality Manager

Why Process Control is Important for Fasteners by
October 27, 2017

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