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How to Match Nuts, Bolts, AND Washers

When selecting fasteners that are to be assembled together, it is important to consider their strength compatibility. The nut should always be stronger than the bolt, so when using higher strength bolts, such as metric class 10.9, make sure to use the correct, corresponding nut. In this case, a class 10 nut would be correct. Stronger nuts may be used with lower strength bolts without any problems.

Strength of washers should also be considered, but are often overlooked. Using non-heat treated washers with heat treated hex head cap screws can cause joint settling as the relatively small bearing surface of the cap screw can embed itself into the soft washer over time, causing a loss of clamp load.

Standard metric flat washers have class designations that can be paired with heat treated bolts. Below is a compatibility chart that will help you make the right choice.

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Doug Jones
Applications Engineer


How to Match Nuts, Bolts, AND Washers by
November 03, 2017

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