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What is a Metal Locking Tie?

A Metal Locking Tie (MLT) is a cable bundling product that is made of stainless steel. It has a self-locking head to increase efficiency in installations. The head locks into place at any place along the tie body to provide convenience and ease for your toughest jobs.

Uses & Performance

While on the job the smooth surface and rounded edges protect the worker and increase safety on the job site. This product can be used for outdoor, indoor, and underground applications, including direct burial. The Metal Locking Tie is a strong durable method of cable bundling. Metal Locking Ties can be used for both general-purposes and corrosive environments.

Self-Locking Head

This patent design has an aggressive locking head for a quicker locking, tighter installation. With a unique locking ramp this assures the self-locking head is locked in any positon. The strengthening ribs increases the locking hold for safety and security on the job site.


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December 22, 2017

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