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Which Electromechanical Latch is Best for You?

Have you ever considered while gaining access to a room, building, or vehicle, the interface behind the system? Soon there will be a transition from Mechanical Locking devices to Electronic Locking Devices. Below we will outline which Electromechanical Latches would suit best for certain situations.

Electromechanical Latches

Electric Slide Bolt: The Electric Slide Bolt is able to be used on a traditional door and can be mounted to the frame. It does not need to be mounted on the door itself. This EML system is perfect for small spaces such as drawers.

Electronic Rotary Latch: The Electronic Rotary Latch has high-strength rotary action and concealed “push-to-close” that is usable for many different types of applications, such as vending machines and supply cabinets.

Electronic Locking Swinghandle: The Electronic Swinghandle only unlocks upon receipt of valid electronic input to enable the manual action of the handle. This EML is mainly used for datacenter server cabinets.


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Which Electromechanical Latch is Best for You? by
December 29, 2017

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