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Internal Logistics and the Importance of Last Mile Management

How your enterprise manages its logistics determines its success and profitability. External logistics, or the flow of materials and final goods from production to the marketplace, is a well-understood concept that most people grasp.

Internal logistics also involves the flow of goods and materials. But as the name implies, said flow is managed internally to replenish work cells within the production center. Internal logistics deals with how goods and materials are stored, distributed and managed in-house, with accountability, trackability and, visibility key goals.

Material replenishment is the key to maintaining efficient production processes, especially those that take advantage of the milk run / water spider. Last Mile Management provides an elegant solution for internal logistics, providing a clear pathway for effective supply chain management.

How Bossard Optimizes the Last Mile

Bossard’s Last Mile Management incorporates many beneficial features that help optimize typical internal logistics flows, from electric demand requests and mobile apps that encourage a paperless environment to customizable route planning that reduces unnecessary movements throughout the replenishment phase.

Using Bossard’s interactive supply chain platform ARIMS, Bossard Last Mile Management automates demand requests at the work cell, allowing materials to be efficiently picked at central storage locations from a digital picking list. An optimized route plan allows the milk run / water spider to effectively and reliably replenish work cells with shorter and less time-consuming paths.

The result is high reliability, optimized material flow and streamlined movements in internal logistics. Reduced order and delivery times also promote increased efficiency, plus real-time consumption data becomes available for each work cell. Bossard’s Last Mile Optimization also allows for flexibility in reconfigurations, providing an evergreen solution regardless of the logistics scenario.

Contact your local Bossard representative today at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com and optimize your Last Mile.


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July 03, 2020

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