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How to Make Your Supply Chain More Transparent & Flexible

Knowledge is power but knowing how your supply chain truly operates requires making every part of it visible to the naked eye. The competitive business climate also demands that any supply chain worth its weight in volume also be able to adapt and respond to fast-paced changes, especially those that promise a competitive advantage for first movers. 

Transparency and flexibility in the supply chain offer a host of advantages but getting there has been historically proven to be a stumbling block for many companies. In addition to tighter collaboration with key suppliers and partners and promoting strategic leaders, making the supply chain more transparent and flexible also demands innovative process management and monitoring. This is where ARIMS comes into play. 

How ARIMS Works

Nestled at the core of Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics, ARIMS offers a cloud-based solution for transparent and flexible supply chain management. ARIMS enables effective visualization and interactive management of inventory and intelligent analytics, giving you a complete view of the supply chain. 

ARIMS utilizes three main functions to provide a clearer picture of your supply chain and make it capable of adapting to fast-changing trends – ARIMS Analytics, ARIMS Interactive, and ARIMS Mobile.

ARIMS Analytics lets you see the big picture, providing you with analytics, graphs, reports, and data that can be used to gain a clear view of the supply chain. ARIMS Analytics takes advantage of big data to provide you with real-time data that can be easily visualized and exported for further analysis. ARIMS Interactive puts you in control of your material flow by letting you directly submit change requests, review previous changes, and change system parameters.

ARIMS Mobile puts the power of the interactive platform in your pocket, allowing you to check orders and view critical information via a smartphone app. Available for iOS and Android devices, ARIMS Mobile gives you a transparent view of the supply chain, even from the production floor.

Interested in transforming your supply chain with ARIMS? Contact us today at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

How to Make Your Supply Chain More Transparent & Flexible by
July 24, 2020

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