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Benefits of Incorporating Digitization in Your Factory

Adopting new ways of doing things always comes with some form of anxiety, especially when it involves changing the way your organization operates drastically. As technology marches forward, so does the need to remain competitive in an ever-changing environment. But change does not always have to be frightening. Take digitalization, for instance. Incorporating digitized processes into your production facility offers numerous benefits that ultimately make digitalization worth the effort.

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Improvements in overall productivity and efficiency are one of the key benefits that digitalization offers. That means taking advantage of technologies that help streamline factory processes wherever possible. Bossard’s SmartBin technology takes B- and C-part management into the digital realm by providing a seamless method of monitoring and controlling materials movement. Using integrated weight sensors and wireless technology, SmartBin allows for automatic materials replenishment even at the point of use, eliminating wait times and unnecessary goods movements.

Improved Supply Chain Management

Digitalization can also help your supply chain become more transparent and flexible – a necessary trait for any factory willing to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced operational climate. Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics is the perfect starting point for making your factory leaner and smarter. Smart Factory Logistics offers a portfolio of smart solutions designed to streamline every part of the supply chain, from intelligent labeling systems that deliver real-time order status and delivery dates to Kanban cards incorporating the latest in RFID technology for assembly line delivery. Bossard also offers custom solutions that can be tailored to fit your unique use cases.

Greater Cost Savings

Digitizing your factory also makes it more cost-effective to operate in the long run. By streamlining factory processes, gaining insights through data collected at various points of the entire supply chain, and promoting a more efficient workforce, digitalization helps lower costs while letting your factory gain a competitive edge.

Ready to move forward with digitalization with the help of our Smart Factory Logistics and SmartBin technology? Contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com today!

Benefits of Incorporating Digitization in Your Factory by
July 31, 2020

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