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How Pre-Applied Thread Lock Patches Can Save You Time and Money

If assembly requires applying liquid thread locker to any threads, pre-applied thread locking patches should be investigated.  Pre-applied thread locking patches could potentially be an untapped area for both time savings and cost savings.

Thread Locking Materials

Pre-applied thread locking materials work in a couple different ways. A nylon thread locker pushes work by forcing metal to metal contact between the threads on the opposite side of the applied area. Because of the way this type of thread locker works, coating all 360° of the threads is not advised.  This type of patch can be reused if care is taken. A thread locking patch works like a two-part epoxy. When installation occurs, the two parts mix together and after the two parts set, the area between the threads are filled. This type of thread locker can only be used once and if the joint needs to be serviced, a bolt with a new patch must be used.

Filling the thread tolerance area between the threads will help resolve some vibrational loosening that might be occurring.

There are many features of pre-applied thread locking patches including the amount of locking material applied to the threads is more consistent, parts can be processed in large lot quantities, and the pre-applied thread locking patch usually has a long shelf life.

Please feel free to contact Bossard to help answer any questions that may arise.

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Brandon Bouska
Application Engineer

How Pre-Applied Thread Lock Patches Can Save You Time and Money by
September 07, 2018

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