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Benefits of Low Force Seals

Now more than ever consumers are demanding vehicles that are ecologically friendly, as well as fuel efficient, so they can save more at the pump. To meet this demand, automotive engineers are faced with the task of designing capable engines to fit these new requirements. Often, that means making the engines on all vehicles, from small compact cars to large trucks, smaller and lighter.

To reduce engine weight and size, the components must be tightly condensed together, giving the engine parts little wiggle room. The necessary ports and passages used to deliver oil and all the other mandatory engine operations must be carefully integrated into the remaining available space, resulting in thin port walls.

The Challenge of Thin Port Walls

Engine Block BossThin port walls are quickly becoming more common, but they aren’t built to withstand the usual methods of older style plugs, such as cup plugs or threaded screws. These older plug styles can vary greatly in their results, causing a larger fluctuation in process performance—and with thin port walls and tightly packed engine components, even a small discrepancy during the installation process can cause a disaster.

The process must be precise and accurate every time to prevent damage or leakage, as many times ports are in a dangerous proximity to bearings or moving parts. Engineers have consequently been relying on low stress expander seals to attain reliable, precision sealing.

Benefits of Low Force Seals

Low Force SealsLow force seals, such as SFC KOENIG EXPANDER® plugs, cause less damage to the port wall and components, having minimal effect on even the most complex engine geometries. All the advantages of low force seals are listed here below:

  • Less negative effects on engine components
  • Prevent cracking of base
  • Avoid expansion of port into nearby components
  • Reduce the risk of leaks and wear
  • Less effect on overall system performance
  • Comes with its own installation equipment to ensure needed precision; gives the installer more control

Unlike cup plugs, threaded plugs and the like, low force seals provide leak-proof security and work well when dealing with extremely sensitive applications. Their reliability is even more critical when dealing with ports located deep within the maze of a tightly packed engine. Due to the little to no margin-for-error in engines with thin port walls, the strict tolerances and reliable installation methods of low force seals are essential to the successful performance of these modern machines.

For more information about SFC KOENIG EXPANDER® plugs and their other products, contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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August 31, 2018

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